Nigerian forum: Other - Okada Rider Violently Rapes, Deflowers 14-year-old Girl In Lagos.
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19 Sep 2015 23:06

It’s been 10 days since she was violently molested
by an okada rider who took her home from her
aunty’s shop, but 14-year-old Esther (not real
names) was still writhing in pain and sobbing
when PUNCH visited her on Tuesday. With little
signs of attaining puberty, she looked very young
and innocent. Even though she tried as much as
she could to hide her pains, a mix of anger and
regret was still written boldly on her face, and she
occasionally appeared lost in some painful
She sat quietly on a wooden stool in her aunty’s
shop and looked round to make sure no one was
listening or watching as she made to share the
saddest story of her life with Saturday PUNCH.
Until penultimate Saturday, Esther, who hails from
Benue State and currently an apprentice in her
aunty’s cake shop was a virgin, but she lost her
virginity to a man she had never met before and in
a violent way.
She said her aunty At 14, she already had an
experience that might hurt her for life. Not only
has she insisted on not forgiving the okada rider,
identified as Sharafa Wasiu, for violating her,
Esther, who has scars all over her body
occasioned by the incident, even wished Wasiu a
quick journey to the great beyond “because of
what he did to me. I feel sad anytime I remember
that day.”
She maintained that she had been doing all she
could to remain a virgin until she was married but
all those efforts to safeguard one of her most
treasured assets, virginity, became a waste when
Wasiu, after dropping her infront of her house,
trailed her into the house and molested her in
broad daylight.
She said, “That Saturday, I stopped a bike from the
front of our shop to take me home. When we got
home, he dropped me in front of the house, I paid
him and I went in, not knowing he was still lurking
around. I thought he had left, not knowing that he
wheeled his motorcycle to the side of the house
and stayed there, watching me. It was about 2pm.
“My aunty had told me to help her clean her
shoes, so the moment I entered, I started packing
the shoes outside so I could clean them. I used
the kitchen entrance and I closed it when I packed
the first round. “When I was in the room packing
the remaining shoes, I heard the sound of the door
and I asked who was there. I didn’t hear anything,
so I went to check who or what was there. The
next thing I saw was the okada man that dropped
me a short while ago.
“Immediately, he pushed me to the floor with so
much force, overpowered me, being a taller and
more hefty person, he pulled my skirt and pants
and molested me. I struggled with him but I didn’t
succeed. Apart from the pain from the forceful
entry and the terrible smell oozing out of his body,
he was rubbing my body against the floor,
inflicting serious injuries on my body.
I kept shouting but nobody heard me because I
was the only one at home.” She explained that
when Wasiu released and spilled his Fluid on her
body, coupled with the blood that was coming out
from her private part, she thought her trauma was
over, thus, she pushed him away and made for the
door. But unknown to her, Wasiu was busy
gathering momentum for the second round. She
said, “When he finished, I pushed him away, pulled
up my skirt and ran to the door to escape.
I barely opened the door when he suddenly ran
after me, pushed me and pinned me to the floor. I
was gasping but he tore all my clothes, leaving
me stark Unclad, and dragged me on the floor,
trying to take me inside so he could rape me
I can never forgive him for what he did to me. “By
that time, blood was all over my body. I kept
shouting but there was no one to rescue me. As
he was trying to remove his trousers, I managed
to escape (Unclad) and I ran through one side of
the house while he ran through the other side to
get me. That was how one of our neighbours saw
me and quickly called on others who mobilised to
the place at once and caught him.
They also seized his bike.” Her aunty, identified
simply as Felicia, who sat close by while she
recounted her ordeal, lamented that if she had
known such would befall her ward, she would not
have told her to go home.
She said, “Usually we don’t work on Saturday but
that day, we went for an event. When we finished, I
went somewhere and I sent her to go and give
some food items to my attendants in the shop. I
told her to go back home after that. And she did.
“We moved into that house about three months
ago. It’s located around Onolu Road, Igbe in
Ikorodu, while my shop is around Medical Road.
When I heard about the incident, I rushed home
and met them, but the boy, who claimed to be 23
years old, kept denying it. He was even making
calls and threatening to call his guys who would
deal with us. With the help of the security men on
our street, we dragged him to the Igbogbo police
“It was at the police station that he confessed. He
said it was the devil’s work and that he only made
an attempt to do it but did not do anything. The
shreds of Esther’s clothes are still with the police.
He confessed that he parked his motorcycle beside
the house and stayed inside the compound for
about 10 minutes before he went inside.
“They took our statement and gave us a letter to
go to the General Hospital for test. She did series
of tests, which confirmed that she was molested. I
wish the incident didn’t happen because even the
parents of this girl are not yet aware.
I want them to come to Lagos before I tell them.
It’s not the kind of news one could share on the
phone.” Felicia pointed out that the girl had been
on drugs since the incident happened and that she
had been a recluse, whilst avoiding men the much
she could. She lamented that their house had
already been known with such a “shameful” tag.
“That boy needs to learn a lesson,” she added.
Our correspondent’s close look at Wasiu’s picture,
which was taken when he was being questioned
by the sympathisers who surrounded him after the
incident, gave him away as his belt and behindon
appeared as if they were hurriedly-fastened,
leaving a clear impression that it was done in a
rush. A police source confirmed to our
correspondent that Wasiu had been charged to
court exactly three days after (penultimate
Tuesday) and was being remanded in the Kirikiri
prison on the order of the court.
The source added that “the matter would come up
for hearing sometime in October.” Even though
Wasiu is cooling off in Kirikiri tentatively, Esther
has already been assaulted and might live with
such painful memory for the rest of time.

21 Sep 2015 11:57

God Wil Nt 4giv Him

21 Sep 2015 15:29

d down fall of a man is not d end of his life my dear d deed have been done nd can not be undone just take heart d lord wil be ur strengh

21 Sep 2015 15:34

Dat man will never succeed in is life