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19 Sep 2015 14:50

There were 4 hunters who went to hunt one night.They hunt till the next morning without killing nothing.ln the morning as they were returning home,they saw a squirrel.Half bread is better than none,so they decided to shot it.And one of them said that since it is a very small animal,he would stand behind it,incase the bullet missed the squirrel,then he would cut it with his macheteAnd he was shot dead along side the squirrel.And 3 of them were left to eat the meat.They decided to butcher it and cook it in the forest, since it is a very small animal.As they were about to cut it,one suggest that he should lay on the ground so that they should butcher it on his belly so that no part of it will lost.The one who was butchering it deliberately cut his colleague's neck as to minimize the numbers of those who will eat it and he said it was a mistake.It then remain 2 of them.The two of them then used the meat to cook pepper soup.When it was ready,one sent the other to go to a nearby well to fetch water which they will drink.As he was going to fetch the water,he thought that the other will eat a piece of meat on his behalf and so,he decided to walk to the well with his back,while he looks at the soup and he walked and fell into the well and died. It remain only one.He was very happy that at last the soup is for him all alone.He went to the well to get water.On his way,he turned and looked at the soup and he saw a rat taking away a piece of meat from the soup and he said,'No,this rat cannot get away with that piece of meat,l must get it from it and he began to chase the rat into the forest and he fell into a big hole and he too died.NOW WHO IS THE MOST FOOLISH AMONGST THE FOUR?

22 Sep 2015 23:50
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25 Sep 2015 12:19


25 Sep 2015 23:05

I believe that the fourth one is the most foolish because he has all the food to himself and so the only one piece of meat taken by the rat has nothing to do with his enjoyment.REMEMBER THAT (WISDOM IS A PRIZE AWARDED ONLY BY NATURE HENCE A FOOL NEVER HAVE A FULL SENSE)