Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - What is true love?
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17 Sep 2015 11:23

Every1 know love but not all recognise it.must operate by it rules honest,caring&endurance.

18 Sep 2015 11:29
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18 Sep 2015 11:46

True love is when he/she offends u and u overlook, true love is when everyone is complaining about her/him an u says don't worry she/he wil change by the grace of God... etc

18 Sep 2015 12:02

True love does not count bad things done

18 Sep 2015 14:14

True love is what u can never 4get if u meet real love

18 Sep 2015 14:41

true love is everlasting peace and justic just like being loyal that royal means love never ends but keep growing forever in you and in you pardner and god is love for he gives love to all who follow him

18 Sep 2015 16:42

Just a word can never describe true luv,cos u ll felt it deep down ur heart.

18 Sep 2015 17:08

True love is God for God is love. True love is what Christ did on the cross for you and i(death and resurrection), true love is'nt what we feel for each other but what God gave to us... Human love is selfish and that is why we need God to show us what love really means so we can demonstrate this love to others... Yes, you can love a fellow human, but you cannot love him as much as God love both yourself and him. (john.3:16)

18 Sep 2015 21:30

True love endures all things.

18 Sep 2015 21:35

True love to me means when you love someone whole heartedly without a reason and feel a connection between the both of u..

18 Sep 2015 21:44

true lov is when d two lover is sincely sayin d truth and stp cheating each other dat is true love.

18 Sep 2015 22:04

True Love is wen u acept ur lover guds or bad deeds. All U ever care 4 z dia HAPPINESS ND Seeing Them SMILING ALWAYS

18 Sep 2015 22:33

4 beta 4 worse... 4 richer 4 poorer. Dats 2ru luv

18 Sep 2015 22:34

True LOVE is wen u cn sacrisfy 4 one anoda

18 Sep 2015 22:36

is not show d face of woman and man is just in ur heart and propert mumhamand said we don.t no dat u ar in love becuse

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18 Sep 2015 23:59

Luv is wen u take away d felling,d passion ad d romance of relationship ad find out u still care 4 d sum fall n luv by chance bt stay in lov by choice

19 Sep 2015 00:03

Love is from d heart,with passion,ready to sacrifice everything and anything

19 Sep 2015 00:07

true luv is nt all about sex

19 Sep 2015 01:00

dia aint no beta defination bcus it jst lky a ghost we all cnt't see it buh feel it.

19 Sep 2015 01:05

its nt Mata of sex or romanz bt wen u each other & stil hold each other hand