Nigerian forum: MoboFree news - WHY THIS,THE MANAGEMENT OF MOBOFREE?
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16 Sep 2015 11:32

I am using this medium to register my displeasure with the management of mobofree for the publish of my three last topics only within MY ZONE.Now,nobody sees or comments on them.The one that pains me most was CHAIN OF TABOO.which l have promised that will be out soon and many people have been expecting it.Infact, l as a person derive pleasure in writing of articles in addition to my job. I will be very happy if the management could consider re-posting them out to the view of the general public.Yours Faithfully.AGMS. LONG LIVE MOBOFREE,LONG LIVE THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA.

16 Sep 2015 17:53


16 Sep 2015 17:56

oh sorry

16 Sep 2015 23:19

16 Sep 2015 23:56