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16 Sep 2015 11:12

If you close your eyes as not to see evil,you may also lose good as in most cases, evil is closely follow by good.So,do angels fly or how do they move?LIFE EXPERIENCE.

16 Sep 2015 13:51

dy ar ivisibu

16 Sep 2015 13:52

i've neva seen 1 but if u feel lyk having an experience ask God

16 Sep 2015 14:06

D angel is in u, thinks well u will notice it,

16 Sep 2015 17:52

Angel are like air, who knows how air moved, but we do breath in and so do Angel they freely entered into us.

16 Sep 2015 17:53

Angel are like airs, who knows how airs moved, but we do breath in and so do Angel they freely entered into us.

16 Sep 2015 17:59

i can't laugh

16 Sep 2015 19:15

My own understanding, Angels FLY according to revelation in the bible.

16 Sep 2015 20:05

angel apear every were in life thone dey invisible but at time u can feel dem if u ar asuminate well .

23 Sep 2015 00:22

Nt All Angles Fly, And Nt All Angles Are Dsame In Hight, Some Are 40feet, 20feet, Or Above Dat,,,nt All Angles Move 4rm One Place 2 Another

27 Sep 2015 00:22

Yes,there are many different kinds of angels.Like the ones which stand on the four pillars of the earth to receive petitions from men. We also have the likes of DAGIEL,ANATHAl ,VAH,TOTRA,ABIM,HIA, ETC.We have those in the fourth,sixth and seventh heavens.Those from the heavens are just like newly born babies.Light incomplexion.They don't have wings,but swim in the air and cloud as their form of movement.But seeing those ones from the mid-heavens in this planet earth is never a good omen.(SO-MOTE-EBI)