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15 Sep 2015 19:20

The heart is too fragile and wen broken takes much more time to mend than we tink.
How long can u stay bfore loving again.

16 Sep 2015 10:47

It depends on how we handle pain and moodiness, Its hard to deal wit a hrtbreak, but I tink it gets better wen u 4give both ur self and who ever it was.only a pure hrt can love.
I can't predict how long I can live wit hrt break cus I know there re ppl dat can make u happy and forget wat ever u re goin tru. But If I'm to do it on my own heeeh 1 year won't be enough.

16 Sep 2015 12:01

it takes a long time my brother

16 Sep 2015 12:54

A very lengthy of time it's not that easy

16 Sep 2015 13:55


16 Sep 2015 17:05

it take a long time some thing u don't except so is not easy

17 Sep 2015 00:25

1 minute