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14 Sep 2015 21:10

I listen to a radio station yesterday and the presenter said.. 98% of women using social network are flirt...... I.e they cheat on their husband ( not bn faithful) True or false?

15 Sep 2015 09:20


15 Sep 2015 09:28

98% of the women he knows matbe flirt but he has no right to generalized that.

15 Sep 2015 09:33

So be it, but social media doesn't make u flirt i think, b'cos when u're flirt, is in blood, and believe me speaking, men stil does flirting around than lady, even in this so cal u'l discover 100% of men are looking for true love, and 99% of them are already in love, and they wil stil be disturbing someone's wife, i wana ask? Sins ur ever on social networking as any lady toast any guy? Let's be candid

15 Sep 2015 10:20

I dnt tink so....b4 u can flirt on social media, flirting around m/f is already in ur blood. N nt evry man/woman dat flirt is on social media. So flirting around is in da blood

15 Sep 2015 11:16

False. Despite d fact dt i tell them am married,dey stil av d guts to approach me dt i av to blacklist many of them.

15 Sep 2015 11:30

False, those who flirt have it already in their blood. not all in social media flirt married or not.

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15 Sep 2015 11:32


15 Sep 2015 11:34

Well, i give it 50%-50% to his view.

15 Sep 2015 11:59


15 Sep 2015 15:05

Nt quite

15 Sep 2015 15:28


15 Sep 2015 16:31

No dt's nt de ryt tin 2 do

15 Sep 2015 16:59


15 Sep 2015 17:19

The commentator must be a cheat too

15 Sep 2015 19:09

Yea on several occasions av seen a girl asking a guy out on social media

15 Sep 2015 19:31

False jare cos his judgment is a bias one

15 Sep 2015 20:40

Dats not true, bcos these days men flirt more than women, married men here can attest to that

15 Sep 2015 21:17

Is d presenter a male or a female?

15 Sep 2015 21:18