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19 Apr 2014 12:23

A Stitch In Time – Signs Your Computer Needs Attention

if you can identify any of the following, pls see your repairer

1. Strange Sounds

If a computer has for
no apparent reason started making a strange sound that persists for
any longer than a few minutes or so, it could be a sign that something
is very wrong on the inside. From broken fans to damaged hard disks
and right through to any number of electrical faults, it’s important
to keep an ear open for anything unusual and never ignore it.
Note : Some sounds are just normal

2. Performance Issues

Probably the most obvious entry on the list – performance issues are
also signs that something is going awry behind the scenes.
From frequent slowdowns to files going missing to system crashes and
so on, you can live with most of these as mild inconveniences but
it’s often only a matter of time until whatever is causing the
problem spirals into something considerably worse.

3. Inconsistent Boot-Ups

Most of the time when a computer fails to load its operating system
as it should, we just switch it off, try again and it usually works.
In fact, it’s so commonplace that some folk don’t bat an eyelid when
they have to try booting it up half a dozen times – just as long
as it gets there in the end. Sadly, this is a sign that something
isn’t right and it’s only a matter of time until it doesn’t boot
up at all…and you could lose everything.

4. Unusual Smells

All electrical devices emit certain smells, but when a computer
starts smelling decidedly different than it did previously,
chances are something is wrong. More often than not, strange
smells are cause by overheating, electrical faults or friction
created by broken or damaged fans. In any and all cases,
you need to get it sorted out before everything comes to a grinding halt.

5. Excessive Heat

Last but not least, it’s inevitable that pretty much every PC and
laptop you come across will generate a certain amount
of heat – such is the nature of electrical products.
That being said, if ever it becomes apparent that the heat being
given off is excessive or has to any extent increased,
you’re in dire need of an investigation. And this goes for chargers
too as while power-packs are notorious for getting a bit warm,
you certainly shouldn’t be able to fry an egg on yours!

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