Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - Can u ever have desame Bank account with ur hubby/wife???
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13 Sep 2015 16:20

To me,there is notin bad in it but one has to be extraordinary vigilant..

3 Oct 2015 08:56

most People that agrees on joint account have over size committement, not just the income coming in from one side

1 Dec 2015 18:34

From one angle,lt is like putting one's eggs in one basket. Should such a marriage fail,the highest contributor may have a greater lose. Bt realy,its a gud idea,depending on how,nd whr the foundation of such union is laid. lt's sumthn l personaly,can,and will do.

3 Dec 2015 13:19

my answer is no

3 Dec 2015 21:51

I Dont C Anytin Bad In It, As Long As She Is My Wife, No Comment I Can.

12 Apr 2016 14:55

Why not

19 Apr 2016 11:26

Some Wives Have A Problem For Seing Money In Their Hand This May Cause Over Looking, Uncontrol The Way U Want Her To Be For Me I Cant