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12 Sep 2015 01:17

The Name Ese means Gift.Remember that no gift is useless.(EVEN IF IT IS A COFFIN,IT WILL ONE DAY BE USEFUL AT YOUR DEATH) Ose and Oni have two children,a girl named Ese and a boy named Omo.Ese was three years older than Omo. Their father Ose worked in a saw mill and their mother Oni was a trader who go to cotonou to buy beads and wrappers for sale.Their parents have little time for the children.Like an adage says that WHEN THE FOREST IS CALM,THE MONKEYS WILL RAISE THEIR HANDS UP FROM THE GROUND AND WALK LIKE HUMANS.And so due to loneliness, at 15 and 18 yrs Ese and Omo indulged in sexual intercourse ignorantly and Ese became pregnant.Neither Ese nor their parents knew until the pregnancy was already 7 months old.The mother became real worried after she discovered that the pregnancy belongs to her son,Omo.All attempt to abort it, proved futiled.And it was a great taboo if it is known in the village.The parents and the two children would be stripped naked and parade round the village before they would be banished from the village in nude.To avoid this shame,the parents hired the services of a young man named Kefa to agree that he was the owner of the pregnancy.He was being paid for this services monthly.And so nobody knew of it. Ese finally delivered a baby boy.kefa who was believed by every body to be the father of the baby, named him Kiroro.Twelve years later,Kefa was ready for his marriage and so he called Oni and Ese and he told them that he would no longer have Kiroro under his roof.Kiroro began to live under Oni.By now,Omo and Ese were happily married.Ese became afraid that Kefa will one day reveal the secret to his wife and friends.Also, with Kiroro living with her mother,the secret will come out one day.And so Ese told her mother that she will better kill Kefa and Kiroro to hide the secret for ever.But Oni warned Ese that if she tries it, she will also kill her too.One day as Kiroro was carrying some wrappers to her grandmother's shed in the market,he was kidnapped and he was never seen again.That same day,Ese sent killers to kill Kefa.Oni became very angry and she went to confront Ese.She gave Ese 4 days to bring Kiroro back dead or alive. Ese wasted no time,she sent killers to kill her mother in the market.But the killers did not succeed due to the crowd in the market and so Oni escaped.She wasted no time,she sent killers after Ese.One saturday, as Ese was in the salon perming her hairs,the killers called at the salon and they made no mistake.They gunned Ese down.When their father,Ose heard of the death of his only daughter,he knew that his wife was behind it and he went to confront her.When he got there,Oni and her son Omo were talking.And the angry Ose told Oni to bring Ese back to life within 3 days or he would kill her too.When Omo heard his father's threat,he said to him,'if you kill mother,l will also kill you too.Ose went away and in a few minutes,later,he came with two policemen. As the policemen were about to cuff his hands,Omo who was tying only a towel,pleaded to the police to allow him change to a pair of trousers.Only for him to emerged from the room with a pistol and he shot his father to death and also shot himself dead in present of the policemen.As Oni tried to escape,the policemen also shot her dead.True life story.WHO SHOULD BE BLAMED NOW?

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19 Sep 2015 12:23

The mother should take the full blame because she was focussed on her business and abandoning her domestic and marital responsibilities.

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25 Sep 2015 20:28

i tink it d parent who@1st failed 2 provide thre parental care 2 dose lesson is dt not only abt money/wrk bt also care&attendsn to kidz matas mst.