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9 Sep 2015 10:06

Can You Love Without Money?

9 Sep 2015 11:57
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9 Sep 2015 12:16

money is not every thing, honesty and intergrity is a natural priviledge wich monet can not buy, honestly if d love is real, i prefer it to money thanks.

9 Sep 2015 13:08

Love doesn't flourish without money.
Go and make money first before you start thinking about love.

9 Sep 2015 13:10

Yes wen is true love.

9 Sep 2015 13:19

money & love works together

9 Sep 2015 13:21

Wen we ar talkn abt money, it av diff ways, d poor nd d rich, all av money bt nt dxame, mark dat word, nt dxame, whi means al fingers ar nt dxame, bt we al av money, xo wat i tink my guy here is talkn abt is dat d poor cn married why rich also, they both av money bt nt dxame, xo most of our ladys dnt go 4luv bt money,whi is vry bad, i pray may God hlp us all, Amen

9 Sep 2015 13:49


9 Sep 2015 13:58

It Determine how you fill it, money or no money it Donsen Mens Eny Tings, Real Love Is Very Inportant.

9 Sep 2015 14:28

Wen there's true luv nd trust, money wil come oneday. But wen there's money without happiness nd joy. Den u ar gone. But still i need money i mean clean money so life can be more easier. God bless us.

9 Sep 2015 14:32

My girlfriend authomatically changed bcos she's no more recieveing like befor frm me. Thus dat show she luvs me or hate?

9 Sep 2015 14:38

Poor men wl say money is not everything..... Stay poor then

9 Sep 2015 14:44

yes i can bcuse i be Man, buh i dnt tink our girls can bcuse my girl has changed bcuse i no send her d moni she asked 4. Dat means no moni no love.

9 Sep 2015 14:44

YES, not everything is money o

9 Sep 2015 15:01

This Life Has Many Directions Whc Many Do Misunderstand, True Love Can Be Found But Money Puts More Fuel To The Fire Of Love To Keep It Burninin .To Ma Nigga's In Da Hauz Just Go Get De Money.Thats Wat I've Been Single For More Than Five Years Now Seeking For.But When U Hav De Chance, Get In Love N Ur Woman Can Also Help Lift You Or Run U Down If Ur Not Wise.

9 Sep 2015 15:09


9 Sep 2015 15:10

Love covers is not mandatory except its not true love. A relationship dat dpnds on d fact he or she doesn't av money is not love not 2 talk of true love. Money cn disappear but true love is inevitable. If u lyk av d whole money but knw dat if u alow som1 love u bcos of ur money, d person will go one day if he or she founds a richer person...but true love no riches or wealth will break it. D QUESTION IS CAN WE STILL FOUND TRUE LOVE IN DIS 21st CENTURY?

9 Sep 2015 15:41

yes I can

9 Sep 2015 16:35

Yes i can

9 Sep 2015 16:45

True love never die