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7 Sep 2015 13:04

SHOULD a married women / men engage in social networking ?
if. YES..... wat effect does it impact on him/ her
if. NO ..... why and wat are the pitfalls dat endangers him/her

8 Sep 2015 10:10

Hmmm to me married women can be on social network bt nt all i think Facebook is preferable bt when it comes to 2go,mobofree and some others is nt met for d married

8 Sep 2015 10:11

Cos i do think most time dat lets say am married i won't be online by dis time bt taking care of my husband and d kids

8 Sep 2015 13:23

why not marriage is not a bondage neither is it a blindfond from the real world

14 Sep 2015 22:20

I am not Married.. But one things I know is that most of this chat site are met for single who re ready to mingle...

15 Sep 2015 00:40

To me YES, There is nothing wrong with married men or woman to engage in social network, what they needed to be conscious of is their family, they must not allow social network to take their time at the expense of their family. We can't say because someone got married he or she should now forget all his or her online friends, NO

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15 Sep 2015 01:41

hmmmmn nice one @ teejay