Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - HUSBAND RESPONSIBILITY TO HER WIFE
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6 Sep 2015 08:39

* Love your wife as yourself at all time. Ephesian 5:25
* Your wife is not a slave don't think in your heart of beaten her. Colossians 3:19
* Do not speak evil or abuse your wife. Matthew 18:15-15
* Take care of your wife especially during illness, pregnancy and during child care. 1peter 3:7
* Provide food, clothes and other necessities necessary for your wife 1Timothy5:8
* Assist your wife in taking care of the house and the children. Galatians 6:2
* Your wife is a weaker vessel, honour her so that your prayer can be accepted. 1peter3:7
* Love the food your wife cook for you eat together with contentment. 1Timothy6:6
* Take your wife to an occasion whenever it is possible. Ecclesiastes 4:9
* Do not allows strange woman in your heart . Proverb 7:13-22
* Do not deprive your wife's sexual needs, accept if she refrains sexual relations.1corinthians7:4-8
* Tell your wife her sins or fault , do not report her to any other person than God's servant for counselling. Matthew 18:15-16
* Woman loves to live with their husband everyday , click to her since she can't do without taking care of your home. Songs of Solomon 1:16
* Do not allow false prophet and wrong teaching to separate your family. Romans 16:17
* Your wife is different from other woman don't compare her with other woman in your neighborhood. Proverbs 25:8-10
* Reason together with your wife on good plans you have in mind to do, your wife's advice is important for you. 1peter3:7
* We live to disagree, know that you have to settle with your wife and forget her mistake. Ephesian 4:26
* Live joyful with the wife of your youthful age , for that is your portion in life. Ecclesiastes 9:9.