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6 Sep 2015 05:02

My Latest Captivating Poem.. One of Hibikay's New Released Poems

When begging 4 d grace 2 recover,
I knew I was born to discover,
like a little child to his mother,
Since every single day is 1 challenge or d other.

Beings of Distinct Comportment,
Circulated the Global Embodiment.
Some with decent deportment,
Some wit evil characters without enchantment.

Dogs exist in the Globe.
Thinking of nothing than sex through there fob.
They will try there best in the Globe,
to lie with their aspired mate with their fob.

Snakes Circulate the Globe.
Beings of Evil deeds.
In the broad day light, they are generous,
but, in the dusk, they are mischievous.

Lions are not Excluded.
They are Notorious for not always Contented.
Epitome of " I don't care attitude"
As much as they are satisfied.

Peacocks are inclusive.
What they are bragging off are elusive
They kip on showing off things that re repulsive
Because, in them, humility is exclusive.

Lambs in the Globe are Overt
because, they are Jot.
Beings that possess "Weisheit"
Without using it to do Malevolent.

Donkeys are not exclusive,
Though, they are reclusive.
They are always *Predicative*,
in terms of solving other beings Predicament,
B.cus, their tots go deeper dan a Scuba diver.

Distinct beings surround the Globe,
With distinct Comportment,
Either bad or good
as well as repulsive or impressive.

Feel free to comment palssssss, I need your reassurances.
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