Nigerian forum: Business - How to build your wealth gradually
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5 Sep 2015 05:21

Wealth building takes time, dedication and discipline. This write up is not a ‘get rich quick scheme,’ hence the use of the word ‘gradually.’ Many people have fallen victim to scammers trying to get rich over-night! This write up will educate you on legitimate ways to build your wealth one step at a time.

There are five ways of making money:

Working to make money yourself
Money working to make more money for you
Winning a lottery
Receiving an inheritance
Making dirty money by stealing, robbing, selling hard drugs etc

From the above, only the first two would be discussed here. The third point happens by probability – waste of time! The fourth only occur if you are a relative of Bill Gate, Jimoh Ibrahim, Dangote or those rich folks out there. The fifth point is illegal count me out!

Now, here are a few tips from my research of rich people’s testimonies over the years that they adopted in building their financial empire. They all seem to agree on many areas.

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