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3 Sep 2015 10:19

my broda has been married for 20year now with 2' kids. after many years of a happy family. the wife confessed that the kids were not his!
and the legitimate father of the kids now want his kids back. this kids are about 15 and 20 years of age. and they ve been under my brodas care since childhood. pls wat shuld my broda do ?

3 Sep 2015 11:13

Tell him not to agree to give away the children.

3 Sep 2015 11:50

15 wat!mening she waz playing sidechick wid tht man abi?ur broda shld not even try 2givout thze chldrn no matter wat

3 Sep 2015 11:58

no try it ooh

3 Sep 2015 12:08

if the two fathers knw wht is going on nw they should agree to share the kids one by one cos is nt easy to live the two kids 1day

3 Sep 2015 12:19

He shldnt giv dem aut o. Where was their father all this years

3 Sep 2015 18:34

Infact am speechless.......................!

3 Sep 2015 20:44

Those kids are his. Besides, those kids are old enough to decide, let them know the matter on ground, and then give them the right to choose. I bet, they're goin' to choose the one who had been their pillar. My point is, those kids deserve to knw the truth and be given a chance to make their choice.

3 Sep 2015 20:50

Tell ur bro nt to gree o, he can pursue away dat woman bt nt those chidrenz.

3 Sep 2015 20:54

hmmm, women!!!,waitin we do una? my brothers and sisters the two children are not Mr. A, no matter what happened, the man need to take heart and send the children and their mother to were they belong, they are not his children no matter what

4 Sep 2015 02:17

Quote by Paul9347
Tell him not to agree to give away the children.

4 Sep 2015 08:44

well kids and wife

5 Sep 2015 03:53

That same thing that made the wife to be quiet over this issue ever since 20years should still make her to shut her mouth this time around. On the contrary, The truth is bitter but must be told. Even if Mr A should keep the children bcos he's been the one catering for them since 20yrs, that still wont guarantee him to be their father. He should just let go, what is his wont pass him by

5 Sep 2015 08:31

Hmmm let demi go to court at least d kids av grown up enough to identify who brought demi up as a father and dat man is still ok let him re marry to get kids from other woman bt he should nt agree to give out d kids and more so he needs to more careful such woman can kill him oo

6 Sep 2015 00:24

20 years no be 2 years abey may that man keep those kid beco na him getam .no be only one papa person dey get?

6 Sep 2015 22:17

I thin the woman might be liein.