Nigerian forum: Religion - FOUR IMPORTANT VIRTUES
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25 Aug 2015 03:39

#1 PRUDENCE: This is the practical wisdom that allows you male decisions in the eyes of God. Prudence allows you to make the right decisions/choices.
When success is defined as r the ability to minimize errors, it is prudence that guides you.

#2 COURAGE: The ability to do what is right in spite of opposition. It is affirming your faith in Christ no matter what the opposition is. This is the courage to face a fight.
You have to have the courage to be a man of prayer, because when your knees bend in prayer, you will see results. Your life should be a fire blaze.

#3 TEMPERANCE: This is self-control, the ability to control your impulses and delay gratification for a long-term gain.
If your body can not be subject to you, you're still a slave. You'll have to discipline your body to make it subject to you.

#4 JUSTICE: This is the fair application of prudence, courage and temperance on all human affairs/endeavors.

25 Aug 2015 17:24

True dear

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25 Aug 2015 18:02

I think that's a scam. That recruitment has since been closed

25 Aug 2015 20:32

When will Nigerians stop this scam of a thing.

26 Aug 2015 23:38

Nice one