Nigerian forum: Education - your best subject teacher
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16 Apr 2014 19:31

my best subject is my obadimu, he taught me physics in my secondary school days bt hez dead may his gentle soul rest in perfect peace... While in d higher institution my best teacher is mr john he taught me programming language.

17 Apr 2014 17:54

Mr/Mrs Audu, both dead; by car accident, same time, same place and same day. Dey both taught me English language. Tho' Mr Audu taught me in JSS1 and leta Agric Science in SS 2/3 while Mrs Audu taught me English in SS 2/3... Oooh! Hw I wish dey were alive 2 see all d beautiful goodies dey hv planted in me... RIP Deary, MR/Mrs Audu...

17 Apr 2014 19:23