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17 Aug 2015 15:30

Why Do Ladies Don't Ever Reply The Guys Messages Even When Online?

Guys Tend To Send Millions Of Message To The Ladies But They Never Reply

And Who Do The Ladies Chat With When Online Huh?

Pls Ladies Replay**

18 Aug 2015 12:08

Cuz ladies had too many friends on there list, and cuz of that, there will be too many messages in their inbox which time might not permit them 2 reply all @ once, and that's why i as a guy dont chat with ladies that has too many friends.

18 Aug 2015 12:11

The major reason is dat guys do frustrate ladies with stupid messages promising heaven and earth which is a lie

18 Aug 2015 12:15

Many of the ladies we see here sef name guy like us all dos name and pics na formart

18 Aug 2015 12:36

Don't be fooled my of these Ladies pic U re own by Guys... Beware of Scams...

18 Aug 2015 12:40

With my experience on this site.. I notice 60% of female Pic are own by Guys like U... So don't blame them ok...

18 Aug 2015 13:44

well i wont accept dat

som girls na dey form

18 Aug 2015 13:45

cos most guys are layx.

18 Aug 2015 13:47

for what reason a normal guy will put fake pics as dp

18 Aug 2015 13:57

Jus type ur mesg n put a recharge card pin.. I prey make shi no reply u..

18 Aug 2015 14:16
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18 Aug 2015 14:29

Most guys are frausting us with their vocal messages. U just longin and what u c is"can i s**k u" or "whts ur name, location, occupation, are u stayin alone or can we sexchat" i mean, this is too bad. I select my friends, i only have 3friends i chat with here and they are all my very good frirnds, we respect each other.

18 Aug 2015 16:03

Yeah true talk!

18 Aug 2015 16:05

But this is a social media too much lies and ladies shouldnt blive that rather just chat and make it fun!!..

18 Aug 2015 16:07

Hmm that sounds brainy but i reason that with you bro!!..

18 Aug 2015 16:11

with my experience on dis site some guy ara fake and they don't knw d meaning of love. just login b4 2mins u will just see I love u. believe me i realy love u. i which to knw u better. re' u staying alone. can u be my wife.

18 Aug 2015 16:12

Not everyone here on mobo free is civilized. Some people are so local. They dont know how to approach someone. Some guys start by sending a girl a message asking for sexchat, its too bad because they dont know how to startt. A girl came and asked me to send my dick to her to comfirm if am ok for her to accept my request. She aint normal. Shes sick.

18 Aug 2015 16:43

I cant waist my effort bcs this is the site u can discharge ur feelings by ideas

18 Aug 2015 18:27

guys are fond of using 'nice pix' sweet flamboyant words before going for real biz. many ladies believes that some guys are not up to their standard.

18 Aug 2015 19:01

For me i dnt see reason for a guy to use fake pix everyb dserve respect u can nt just me a girl nw a start telling d girl rubbish u most knw hw to aproach and be natural girls love that