Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - what will you do, to make the person you love,to love you back?
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16 Aug 2015 18:02

many people love, those who dnt love them back in return, what will you do, to make that special someone love you back?

17 Aug 2015 12:47


17 Aug 2015 20:23

Show love

3 May 2016 14:02

If u love some1 & d persn didn't love u in return,u nid 2 check d nxt door,cause if u false her 2 love u by gvn her smetinz or buying her smetinz,d rltship may nt last,cause it base on material tinz

16 Jul 2016 00:36

Love is a natural thing and wen someone did not love u bros/ladise their is nothing u can do 4 him/her to love u back u will only end up hurting ur self the more if u are trying to please him/her.

5 Aug 2016 20:54


3 Sep 2016 04:28

Nothing because there is noforce inlove"