Nigerian forum: Computers - How to repair corrupted memory card /hard drive
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15 Aug 2015 14:43

Ever had a memory card that was corrupted due to virus or improper ejection of the hard drive or memory card. Here’s how you can recover a corrupted memory card /hard drive :
-first insert the memory card or hard drive through the USB port and remove
All other drives if connected.

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-now check the letter name of your memory card or hard drive it could be letter G, F or any other letter.
-now click start and search for command prompt
-now typediskpartin command prompt and pop up might appear asking for permission, click on ok.

-now typelistdiskand you will see all the external drive listed there

-you will see your external drive number note down the disk number.
-now typeselect disk disks number(for example select disk 4)and press enter.
-now type clean and pressenter.
–now typecreatepartitionprimaryand then press enter.
-now typeactiveand then press enter.
-now enter the commandselect partition 1.
–now typeformat fs=fataland press enter.
That’s all it will take some time and then your drive will be formatted successfully and ready to use.

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