Nigerian forum: Business - How to Start a Bookshop and Sell Books in Nigeria
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15 Aug 2015 14:19

Books sell by the millions and it is quite possible to operate a bookstore with good profit.
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Bookshops in most cities supplement their books sales with sidelines such as posters, magazines, gifts, and novelties or just about anything else the owner fancies. A particularly popular item is a line of modern greeting cards. The secret is that the same people who come in to buy books are potential customers for other items as well.
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Business Plan For a Bookshop
Your first step is to find a vacant store in a good location, which means a street where there is a lot of foot traffic, especially for young people.

Before concluding the deal for your location, contact local book publishers, wholesalers and publishers representatives. Then tell them your plans, and enlist their cooperation. If you do not know any publisher, just walk into a bookstore that stocks a variety of books, go through some of the books and you will find the names and addresses of most publishers or their representatives.
The publishers will be able to tell you which books are best sellers. They would be glad to advise you because if you make good sales, you would become a long term customer for them.

You could also visit a successful bookstore and make careful note of which titles they have most prominently displayed. Order the same books. Many publishers, How to Start Recharge Card Printing Businessin Nigeria with little Capital though not all, will allow you to return unsold books provided that they are still in good condition.