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13 Aug 2015 16:58

Ladies i want to ask how to please u in a discussion. Imagine in a situation you start a chat wit a lady after d normal formalities...den u will be thinkin of wat nxt she will be interested in discussin? U raise science.....she will snub u.....u talk of politics she will say am gal dont really like politics, u talk of sports.....ah dia u go again sports are for abt bible?....dats wen u will notice capital letter exist more dan any oda letter on their fones "KKKKKK". So here is my question, what type of discussion do ladies engage in?

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14 Aug 2015 17:46


14 Aug 2015 19:42

We Are Nt D Same

15 Aug 2015 11:55

talking money

15 Aug 2015 12:49

al gals r nt d same MY CASE Z DIFFERENT

15 Aug 2015 12:51

c talk oo..@gerald,did u reply me?

15 Aug 2015 16:18

all girls r not the same

16 Aug 2015 12:37

Mary....wat do u enjoy discussn?

16 Aug 2015 17:19

We are nt d xame

17 Aug 2015 00:00


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