Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - is dat what u want as a man?
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15 Apr 2014 20:47

The issue is talking down on a woman. The woman is a special creature and she doesn't like being talked down on. The bible calls her a fragile vessel that must be handled with care. she's not ur maid or ur employee. She is your body, your wife and your team mate. You are the head not her slave driver. The hands which is part of the body takes care of the head. Never forget that. Do not talk to her like you are talking to a child with no reasoning capacity. She has brains and can reason out things.
Make your woman feel great even when she makes mistakes, and she will always correct them.
Do not criticize ur woman in public or before family and friends. The same way you have ego and pride and wouldn't want to be spoken to rudely by the woman, treat her the same way with honor. If she does something wrong in public do not shout at her. Control ur temper and wait until you are both together then you can express ur disappointment over her actions. The woman has feelings and is very sensitive. When you shout at a woman you cannot get the best out of her. Rather all you will get is fear, timidity or worse rebellion. She will never be submissive or will submit to u in fear not love and respect. Is that what you want as a man?