Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - By which authority do you call the Bible/Quran the Word of God(Allah)?
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13 Aug 2015 12:09

I dont believe in Ink and Paper!
I believe the Creator of Man is the Creator of Science, I believe in the God behind the structure of the universe, technology and in all works of creation.
I believe in Reason, Logic and Nature.

13 Aug 2015 13:42

If u av been someone who follow the scriptures vividly u will never a doubt about them. His promises have continue to come to past

13 Aug 2015 13:47

I think i know whats in the Bible\Quran more than you do, I've done a lot of reading on both, thinking, meditation upon remeditation.
I discover all is just a scam.
What r d promises, if i may ask?

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13 Aug 2015 14:11

Hmmm,notin much 2 say bt all i wuld say is dat may d Lord save u bcos u're commitin a great sin

13 Aug 2015 14:40

Without valid points to back up your claims?
So you wanna be the judge?
You just mouth jabbin.....

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13 Aug 2015 14:41

I believe d word of God.cos God Himself honour his world than His name.

13 Aug 2015 14:53

How do you know that bible is the word of God

13 Aug 2015 15:04


13 Aug 2015 15:26

Nd u r stil a smal boy,rverse d world bak 2 2000 years ago, wh knws u myt jst b abl 2 c sum of dos old guys dat wil hav a gud ansa 2 ur qst. As 4 me d BIBLE IS D WORD OF JEHOVAH( GOD ),cos al d prophecies he told his prophet al com 2 pass nd dos wer d words dat d apostles jot down, nd even til 2day al dos words r stil happening, nt a bit of HIS word wil pas away witout cumin 2 pas, including ur qst,pple lyk u wil also bliv ders no GOD.

13 Aug 2015 15:45

@ ozohu, so what do u know?
To tell you the fact: Man is qualified to decide what reasonable path to follow regardin morals with Reasonin' and not some fable books!
Bible is just the history and Traditions of the isrealite, Its was in the 4th century the Bible was VOTED to be the word of God by a group of men( Lead by Emperor constantine being the ruler then: a converted sinner lookin for a book to guide him in is new faith) The real approving editor of the bible was not God but constantine!
Seek knowledge and be wise.
You need to stop thinkin inside the box...... Think wide, question ur faith, the one imposed on you by birth.

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13 Aug 2015 15:46

No argument pls

13 Aug 2015 15:47

God is d creator of mankind nd he gave us wisdom to create things also

13 Aug 2015 15:49

Who's arguin' with who?..........
Just sharin' knowledge!

13 Aug 2015 16:48

hmmm I really don't. wanna comment

13 Aug 2015 16:49

what are gonna. say about the quran

13 Aug 2015 17:23

The last i checked i remember muhammad was an academics illerate: he knows nothing about writin'
quran wasn't written by muhammad.
The original writings of the Quran were done on a camel shoulder blades, palm branches, pieces of boards, e.t.c., which have all been destroyed.
Quran writin has been abrogated by its own author - man, or spirit?
On the issue of abrogation, the Quran is its own judge. Now, let us see further what it has to say on the stability of its own text:
"And if we will, we could take away that which We have sent to you by inspiration. Then you would find no pleader for you against Us in that respect"(Sura 17:86)
why is it that Muslims are so much afraid of any critical work on the Quran?
Religion is a SCAM........ Dont be DECIEVE.....

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13 Aug 2015 17:42

for ur mind... haha

13 Aug 2015 17:43

I know that the only thing u can say about. it...u totally missed it..u know nothing

13 Aug 2015 17:51

I need to waste no time on you....... You wont learn.

13 Aug 2015 18:36

Knowledge of the world puffs up,but wisdom humbles one to build another of the same kind.We are learn in part and we know in part