Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - Are we guyz really talkatives?
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13 Aug 2015 11:17

It amaze me the way some ladies reason, you post on this forum just to give an insight or share ideas together, but some ladies took it personal by saying we guys are talkatives....but I could vividly believe they don't want a boring guy. Giving a full details of your ideas to a post is not wrong, or am I wrong co guys? Please wanna have you own ideas towards this! PeAcE!!!

13 Aug 2015 12:44

No one is a tlkactive.....dats y dey dnt eva learn...instead of dem 2 learn....dey b formin "am a tlkactive"

13 Aug 2015 12:54

Gels nagg alot more

13 Aug 2015 13:53

Don't know y am even stressing mysef words could make her change her mind. I rest my case sha!

13 Aug 2015 15:10

Pls I can laft my job 4 noting we no get head,

13 Aug 2015 16:06

Talk for watin

13 Aug 2015 16:08

Holyland if you don't have head just as u av declared in your post, then u set urslf aside and let reasonable people have a clear view please!

13 Aug 2015 16:10

Cnexy! Wat goin on in here

13 Aug 2015 16:12

Just read the post Madoo!

13 Aug 2015 16:17

Cnexy, if truely u like take den bring out ur words nd let clear it out

13 Aug 2015 16:22

I guess u didn't understand my post Madoo

13 Aug 2015 16:25

Yeah Cnexy clear it

13 Aug 2015 16:55


13 Aug 2015 21:14
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13 Aug 2015 22:57
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13 Aug 2015 23:10

Some guy are talkative but nt everybodi

13 Aug 2015 23:24

Ur thoughts though!

13 Aug 2015 23:58

Many words are not a guy known for, but romance is the speech that he uses to cement a boring relationship.

14 Aug 2015 00:32

"He who keepeth his mouth shut shall stay out of problems"

14 Aug 2015 00:55

U must alter words man don't get it all wrong, please do understand the post b4 commenting!