Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - If you're the girl, would you accept him back?
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15 Apr 2014 10:13

GIRL: honey there is
something i want us to
talk about, it's serious..
BOY: Please don't tell me
you are pregnant!
GIRL: I'm coming to stay with you coz you know
my mum will be mad at
me and will no allow me
to stay with her once
she found out am
pregnant.*sob* BOY: Listen and listen
good.. I don't wanna
know.. I always give
you the money to buy E-
GIRL: But...but it can happen by
accident..*sobbing* BOY: Accident my foot!
Listen i don't want to see
your face in this house
again. Let me not see
you come here again.
GIRL: OMG!! So that's how heartless you are
BOY: Baby you know.....
GIRL: shut up! And as u
said, you will never see my face in your house
BOY: Am sorry baby.
Now, if you're the girl, would you accept him back?

15 Apr 2014 19:24

4wat now, make she no agree o . Whn ma ex told me she was pregnant, thou, I knew it was a trick, so I shoutd on top of ma voice, wow, so am goin 2b a daddy, Yes yes, finally... LIZZY ANGEl, plz dnt tell me its a lie cuz I ll just die.... Oboy, d girl com serious ooo", she didn't stop there, she continued 4a week, calln n txtin, Na here ma MIND FLY, she said every little tin she eats makez her fat, n dat her bobz, hips, waist nd her BUTTOCK is Increasin rapidly.. Oboy, na there I com cool dwn, then I ask her 2com over, so we would go 4a tst, she said FYN, she came, I saw everytin wif ma eyez, d Booby, d Hips dnt lie ,The Yanch Etc,,,,,,, (this was coded o''''' I NEARLY DIE'''' 4my MIND) so she removed everytin nd say TUTU plz COme inside of me, Na there I shout, AHHHHHHH !!! U DEY NoRmal at all or u don dey mad abi ? SEX again, NO way, itz nt gonna wrk, SHE Pressd Chargrz, then I end up DOIN THE MAIN THE MAIN THIN, I min like dyin on top of the matter, we enjoyd it, it d bst hav ever had same 2her 2, so she admitz, aftr dat day on till nw, d story close, """"I PASSD D TEST"""""" (CAUTION: don't try dis at home). Cheerz..

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10 Oct 2014 14:31

accept who back?