Nigerian forum: Literature - The gods are not to blame
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7 Aug 2015 15:24

If the gods are not to blame,who are we to blame? For all the misfortune that have been happening in our country,

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3 Sep 2015 10:06

If the gods are not to be blame, Then, who're to blame? They forgot that a stitch in time saves nine.

3 Sep 2015 11:07

If gods are not to be blame then we are to be blame?

4 Sep 2015 15:26

gods and human being are to blame for the misfortune that happen in the country

24 Sep 2015 00:01

The gods do no wrong. They can never be at fault.

24 Sep 2015 08:42

Yea d gods do no wrong we are to blame coz what our hand can nt reach we use something to bring it near

28 Sep 2015 01:18

u ar right