Nigerian forum: Religion - Share your view on the existence of God as a divine entity
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6 Aug 2015 02:13

I'm a deist

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6 Aug 2015 13:41

He is very super natural that u cant finish learning abut him

6 Aug 2015 17:23

God exists

6 Aug 2015 20:21

God truely exist

6 Aug 2015 20:49

He's a Great spirit,The God of all powers just have faith in him the rest will be history.

7 Aug 2015 00:18

God Is A Supreme Being, Who Alone Exists Of Himselve. He Knows All, Sees All, Owns All, And Gives Life A Meaning. Without Him, Nothing Was Created That He Didn,t Created. The Existence Of God, Gives Beginning To The Human Race And All That Ever Existed. God Is Everything That Is Connected To Existence; My Perception...

7 Aug 2015 01:00
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7 Aug 2015 22:32