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6 Aug 2015 01:23

Your view on bachelor-hood and spinster-hood, how sweet and uncommitted is it for you?

6 Aug 2015 10:54

start from how sweet... Wow is don sweet bcos U of all ave freedom, and U will always try to get things done ur own way... For me I don't think it is uncommitted for Me... Bcos I can't play with my stomach, I will rather stay in the Kitchen to get some done than going our to buy all sort of prepared food... Begin Single is Wow ly

6 Aug 2015 11:46

If not that it's not good and not encouraging to leave the whole of one's life as a bachelor I would have chosen to leave single for the whole of my life, because as a single person you have your freedom, in your home no body knows when you are in or out, you have no body to disturb and no body to disturb you either, anywhere you place your things in the room that's where you meet it, you can travel for days, weeks even for months without thinking you left one wife or children somewhere, etc. To me bachelor hood is fantastic

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6 Aug 2015 14:54

achurely bachelor life its gud bot d only tin is our religiom is no allow'islam' bt life of bachelor its swit dan livin wit wman coz nw r days dos wman most of dem d're primachure day jost hv rabid grown so dem dont no hw 2 undastand gud n bad tin talkles 2 no hw 2 unsdstand pason

18 Aug 2015 15:37

Is not good man to be alone,
So matter how much u have or how influential u are witout a soulmate u aint accomplished.