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5 Aug 2015 18:13

*** This story is "NOT EDITED" so the readers are expected to understand the spelling and grammatical errors.
*** This book is a work of fiction. All names, characters, locations, and incidents are products of the author's imagination, or have been used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, locales, or events is entirely coincidental.
*** The uploading, scanning, and distribution of this book in any form or by any means – including but not limited to electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise - without the permission of the author is illegal and punishable by law. Your support of the author’s rights is appreciated.
The Girl He Never Noticed

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Meet Jade.
The girl who wore a black wig, black-rimmed big eyeglasses, braces and old-fashioned clothes. Everyone thought that she was a weirdo, a nerd or a girl resurrected from the past. She was used to be the laughing stock of everyone.
But who was really Jade Collins? Why did she hide her real outer beauty? What happened when her boss, the great Eros Petrakis, finally noticed her? Could she tame the beast inside him?
Meet Eros.
The man who had everything in life. Devilishly handsome, very powerful, brilliant, extremely rich, and had a body that women loved to worship. But, despite all that positive attributes, he was also very ruthless, tyrant, cold and heartless. He was his colleagues’ and enemies’ worst nightmare. They thought his name was another four-letter word of EVIL. He never smiled; never said ‘please’ and never apologized for his mistakes. His employees feared him most. He fired them in just a snap of his fingers.
What made him finally noticed Jade? How would he react when he sees the woman behind the big black wig and dark-rimmed eyeglasses?
Enjoy reading the story of Eros and Jade in ‘THE GIRL HE NEVER NOTICED.’ Join them in their journey in facing their trials in life, overcoming the shadows of their pasts, and finally finding love and happiness.
Be inspired in their story. Laugh, Cry, Giggle and Feel in Love with them.
Here's a quote that captivated my attention from Pinterest, I just want to share this to you all:
"I always find beauty in things that are odd and imperfect - they are much more interesting." --- Marc Jacobs
Well, I'm not saying that Jade is odd or imperfect, she's not. But I would love a man who will love a girl not because of her outer beauty, but because of her heart -- her inner beauty.
Official Playlist:
------ Your choice, Kindly put it here so it's easy for me to find it.

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CHAPTER ONE (unedited)
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"The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman is seen in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides. True beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It's the caring that she lovingly gives the passion that she shows & the beauty of a woman only grows with passing years."
----Audrey Hepburn
Jade's POV
"Good morning, Mrs. Chang. Did you sleep well last night?" I greeted my employer happily, Mrs. Grace Chang, a 65 year-old widow. I was concerned because she often had severe headaches and couldn't sleep well at night.
Mrs. Chang owned the small Coffee shop, in Manhattan, New York, where I got my family's bread and butter. I worked from eight a.m. till eight p.m. Monday to Friday as a cashier.
The place was understaff, so I often worked all around. I did the waitressing, coffee preparation, and sometimes cleaning the place after work. I couldn't complain, since Mrs. Chang was paying me well. Actually, not so well, but enough for my family to eat a decent meal every day and pay off the bills.
"Hi Jade, yes, I did. The pain reliever I took last night finally worked." She smiled adoringly at me.
"That's good. What did the doctor say?" I asked while putting my worn-out leather bag and old knitted coat inside a closet, and then I adjusted my black wig and took off my eyeglasses, to clean the lenses.
"It's just a migraine, nothing serious."
I was relieved that finally she listened to me. I told her several times to seek medical attention, but she wouldn't. She had a phobia of hospitals, medical clinics, syringes and doctors. She probably had a traumatic experience when she was a kid.
"George's wife had a normal delivery last night."
"Really? I'm so happy for them, after five years of trying, they finally have a baby. It's a girl, right?" I instantly became so excited for George, the barista.
"Yes, it is. Anyway, he can't report today. Could you fill in his place?"
OH. That would mean doing two jobs at the same time.Whew!
"Okay, no problem about that Mrs. Chang. I can manage." I smiled at her assuredly and fixed my crumpled brown floral vintage dress. Actually, it was my favorite dress and loved wearing it often. It belonged to my grandmother, as well as most of the dresses in my closet.
It was already eight o'clock, and time for the Coffee Shop to open. I wondered why the other employees, Suzanne and Kurt hadn't arrived yet. Suzanne was the waitress, who took the order and served the food. Kurt cleaned the tables, the floor and the bathroom.
Recently, I found out that Suzanne and Kurt were lovers. I caught them making out inside the bathroom. They forgot to lock the door.
"You retard! Don't tell Mrs. Chang about this or I'm going to break your bones." Kurt threatened me. He even twisted my arm behind my back. A tear suddenly fell on my cheek because of the burning pain.
"I won't, I promise. Let me go, please." I pleaded and finally he let go of my arm.
"Good. Remember that." His eyes were glaring at me angrily.
I rubbed my arm, it was so sore and my flesh turned red.
"Now, go, ugly monkey. You're not wanted here." Suzanne laughed and pushed me out of the bathroom.
Yup, they often bullied me, calling me names and I was used to it. I pretended not to hear their hurtful words. I just avoided messing up with them. I needed my job so badly and my family relied on me, besides Mrs. Chang was a good employer.
"Jade, I'll be in the kitchen. Just call me if you need help."
"Sure Mrs. Chang." I put on a black apron, getting ready for the first customer. I went inside the bar counter and turned on, the electronic cash register, as well as the coffee machines.
I learned how to prepare coffee from George, the barista. For almost a year that I'd been working in the coffee shop, he taught me how to do the coffee art works and the techniques in preparing a very good espresso. I learned the barista's complete guide to coffee and embraced the knowledge wholeheartedly.
I was cleaning the bar counter when the first customers came inside. Two men wearing black suit and dark glasses entered the coffee shop. They reminded me of the movie, 'Men in Black.'
To be continued

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I looked at the tall-clad figure of the man who came in first. He was younger than the other man. He halted at the front door and his eyes scanned the room. He stood there, tall, devilishly handsome, with a beautifully proportioned body.
I froze. My mind stopped working and my body turned numb. Something about his appearance disturbed me. He looked vaguely familiar.
Is he a movie star, a model or a celebrity? He was probably into sports, because of his athletic physique.
His dark glasses hid his eyes. It was impossible to find out where his eyes were focusing on. But I was certain that he was not looking at me. He carried himself with a commanding air of self confidence. He looked very powerful and extremely rich.
He said something to the other man, and then they strode in the room. They took their seats in the center of the room.
I grabbed a pen and the order slip pad. I hurriedly went towards them to take their order.
"Good morning, what's your order, sir?" I stood in front of the two men and smiled at them. I wrote C#1, shortcut for customer number one in the order slip.
"Good morning. Can we have a cup of espresso and a café latte?" The older man removed his dark glasses and smiled at me. He was probably in his mid forties.
My hands were trembling when I wrote their order. I didn't know why, perhaps because of the younger man's appearance. He looked like a very important man. His face was bronzed by wind and sun. The set of his chin suggested a stubborn streak and his lips were firm and sensual.
He made me so edgy and nervous as hell, and he didn't even seem to notice me. He was very busy talking on the phone. I couldn't help listening to his voice. It was so deep, with velvet-edge and strong.
"Is there anything else, sir?" My eyes shifted from one man to another.
"That's all, Miss." The older man replied, then nodding at me, a sign of dismissal.
I served their coffee within five minutes. I stared at the younger man again. He seemed really familiar. I was sure I'd seen him before. I wished he would take off his dark glasses so I could see his eyes, and figured out where I saw him. Then I noticed, he drank his coffee. The cup of espresso was his.
A few customers came in. I became so busy taking their orders and prepared their coffee. But I couldn't help glancing at the two men sitting in the center of the room, from time to time. I tried to ignore them and focused on my job.
After a while, I saw two girls approached the two men. The girls were giggling flirtatiously at them. The younger man looked at them and said something that made the faces of the girls turned sour. He probably said something very insulting, since the girls immediately went out of the coffee shop with stony faces. Well, he was rude.
The men left without asking for their bill. I went to the table, they earlier occupied and saw a one hundred dollar bill under the espresso cup.
What! A hundred dollar bill?I couldn't believe it. I was over the moon! They left too much tip for the coffee.
Later that morning, Suzanne and Kurt called simultaneously that they were sick. So, I was with Mrs. Chang in the coffee shop the whole day. She took my place on the cash register. I did the rest of the job. I tried to serve the customers so fast, so they would stop complaining about the slow service.
Before I went home, I mopped the floor and scrubbed the bathroom. I was so tired, but I didn't have a choice.
It was already eight thirty when I left the coffee shop. I took a bus to the South Bronx, where my family rented a small one-bedroom apartment. The moment I was seated in the bus, I ate the burger that I grabbed near the bus stop. After eating, I took a power nap.
"Guess what Mom. I got a very big tip today. Two rich-looking men left a hundred dollar bill for their coffee."
"What? That's too much." My mother, Ruby Collins narrowed her eyes.
"Yeah, I couldn't believe it. I told Mrs. Chang that we could split the tip, but she said that it was all mine."
"Awe... she's so sweet."
"Yeah, very sweet. I'm lucky to have her as my employer." I took my wig off and pulled the rubber band that held my hair in a bun. My long silky red hair instantly cascaded down to my waist. I took a hairbrush and combed my hair, until it shone.
To be continued

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How's baby Hannah?" I asked about our neighbor's baby. Mom worked as a babysitter for almost a year now.
"She's still very adorable, but getting heavier. I don't think I can handle her anymore." Mom rubbed her chest. She had a mild coronary heart disease. It started six months ago. She was advised by her physician not to do strenuous activities.
"Then stop babysitting. I don't really want you to work. You are risking your health. Don't worry, I have a job. I'll work during weekends too, to have an extra money. We can manage."
"You're working too hard for us, Jade. I'm so sorry for being a burden to you."
"Mom, please don't say that again. I love you and I'll take care of you and Sapphire. I promised dad that I will." I hugged my mom, with moisture in my eyes.
Dad died of stage four lung cancer two years ago. I was eighteen at that time. He got it when he worked in an asbestos manufacturing company. A year before he died was the most traumatic year in our lives. We fought for his life. We lost our little savings and our cottage, just to keep up the medical expenses. It was like a nightmare, seeing dad's health deteriorated. He was a good man without vices, God-fearing, jolly person, and full of vitality, a very loving husband and caring father to us. I couldn't help but wondered why the good and godly people passed away earlier than their time.
The day when we finally lost dad, our world collapsed. We were so dependent on him. We looked up on him and solely relied on him financially.
"What's wrong?" My sister Sapphire went out of the bedroom. She shrieked with panic seeing me and mom hugging. She thought something bad happened again.
"Nothing really. We just want to hug each other. We miss dad." I smiled at my fifteen-year old sister, showing my braced teeth.
"Oh! I thought something bad happened. Anyway, Jade, I have news for you."
"What is it?"
"I was chatting with Joseph an hour ago."
"Yup, your one and only love!"
"He asked for your Facebook account, and I told him you didn't have any social media accounts anymore. Then he asked for your phone number."
"Did you give it to him?"
"No! You said not to give your number to anyone, right?"
"But he gave me his number. He asked you to call him, anytime. He'll be waiting."
I heaved a sigh.Joseph.
It had been two years since I last saw him. I totally cut our communication.
No. I can't face him anymore. I'm not the same girl that he used to know. I'm different, totally different now. The old Jade was gone, dead and buried.
A flash of wild grief ripped inside me.

7 Aug 2015 15:30

THE GIRL HE NEVER NOTICED is another story and focused on Eros and Jade only. The story started from the very beginning where they first met. Eventually, we will reach to the time when Jade was working with Eros already, and that would be in the earlier chapter. Then we will go beyond that.
Yes, expect Chloe, Inigo, Finn/Markos and Nina to appear every now and then. Also Mrs. Grant, and more from Donovan Grant. A lot of exciting characters also, you will be surprised.
Anyway, as always, I update every weekend, usually friday nights or Saturday morning. But usually, if the story is new, I often update, twice, sometimes thrice a week. It really depends on my energy and the inspirations I get. Yes, I write a story very fast, but I'm soooo lazy editing/proofreading it. So plsssssss.... understand and help me edit if my grammar or spelling bothers you. Just put it in the comment section.

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Y dnt u finish one before writing another

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@funmby am just moving the stories from where I've posted them, and also my blog, you can visit my blog with to follow on going stories dear....

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Episode 5
“You don't love someone because
they're perfect, you love them in spite of the fact that they're
not.” ― Jodi Picoult, My
Sister's Keeper

Eros' POV

"Hi. Um... I'm Gretchen." The girl who wore black miniskirt and gray shirt with a plunging neckline giggled. Her eyes were
flirtatious, batting her thick false eyelashes at me.

"I'm Summer." The other girl flashed her even white teeth. Her
bright red lipstick made her lips popped out.

"Yes?" Donovan frowned, asking the girls what they wanted.

"Um... would you mind, if
we join you?" Donovan looked around, checking for a vacant

He cleared his throat and smiled at them. "There are still a
lot of vacant tables around."

Both girls flushed and then giggled, eyeing at me.
"Actually, um... we just want to introduce ourselves." The girl
called Summer, swayed her hips and bent a little to flaunt her cup DDbreast size.

"Ok. I'm Bond. James Bond." I heard Donovan introduce himself. I was amused, my eyebrows rose at him. I was still on the phone, giving instructions to my
executive secretary.

The two girls lifted their eyebrows, and then shrugged their shoulders.

"Um... what's his name?" One girl pointed her forefinger at me.
"Stark. Tony Stark." I almost choked on my coffee when I heard
him say Iron Man's name.

"Your're kidding, right? He couldn't be Iron man."
"Whatever." The girl with a red lipstick looked at me with
puppy eyes.

"Um... we're wondering if you could hang out with us later. Go to the mall, watch a movie, and then go to a bar or something."

"We're very busy, girls. We have a lot of work to do. We don't have
the time for that." I heard Donovan rejected their offer lightly.

"Ohh.... That's so boring."
"Ya, and very lame excuse. I'm sure, your boss wouldn't mind."
The other girl stomped her feet childishly.

I had enough with them. I turned off my phone and faced the girl
who stomped her feet. "Awww, it's so cute when you try to talk
about things you don't

I bet the smartest thing that
have ever come out of
your mouth was a pe*is." The girls glared at me and then looked at each other's eyes.

It took them a while to register
that I insulted them.

With furious eyes, they stormed out of the coffee shop.
Donovan Grant, who was more than just my personal driver and
bodyguard, drove my Bugatti Veyron this morning. I had a
hangover. I drank too
much alcohol last night. I attended a friend's birthday party.

The crowd was full of socialites and celebrities. It was rather wild. Damn it! I even brought a girl in
my apartment. Not just any girl, but the famous model, Kendra Packer.

I usually dated a girl thrice before bringing her in my apartment.
But last night, when Kendra Packer was introduced to me, she
wouldn't leave my side.

She was clutching my arm all the time. I didn't have a reason to
complain, because she was smoking' hot and gorgeous. Every man in the party wanted her.

And she knew her prowess to attract every single man that
was why she was very confident that she could have me.

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Episode 6
She was marvelous in
bed, an expert in every
position. I was shocked
how she often brought
me to the edge of
ecstasy. She knew how
to turn a man on, the
pleasure points that
drove a man crazy.
Damn! How did she
learn all of that?
"To the office Sir?"
Donovan's voice brought
me back to the present.
"Yup." I leaned back on
the passenger seat,
feeling lightheaded.
Hmm, that was a
delicious espresso, in
fact, the most delicious
espresso that I've ever
I spotted the coffee
shop earlier on our way
to the office when I
had a sudden urge to
drink another cup of
coffee. I blamed my
hangover for it, it was
killing me. My head
throbbed and I had red
blood shot eyes.
"We'll drop by again in
that coffee shop
"Yes Sir." I saw Donovan
smile through my
peripheral vision. I bet
he enjoyed his coffee
Donovan was in his
early forties, once a
kickboxing champion
and undergone
Executive Protection
and Bodyguard Training.
He was more than just
my driver-bodyguard.
Their family had been
working in our mansion,
ever since. He was
often hanging out with
me when I was a kid,
and he was a teenager
at that time. We got
along very well. I
treated him like my
older brother.
Aside from my best
friend, Iñigo Monteiro,
Donovan knew the real
me. Sometimes, more
than my family did. He
was the first one to
know that I was bullied
in school when I was in
4th grade. The other
kids bullied me because
I was the richest kid in
school, the heir of a
multi-billion company,
properties and assets.
Besides, I looked like a
walking stick before, so
tall and thin.
Donovan often saw me
cry in our house's
basement. I became
miserable and didn't
want to go to school
because of the bullying.
I even started hating
my family and myself
for being born rich.
One Saturday
afternoon, when my
parents had their
vacation in Hawaii,
Donovan taught me
kickboxing. He showed
me how to kick, punch
and practice self-
defense. I started
enjoying the sport a lot.
I was so determined to
learn and master the
sport. Eventually, it
helped me to become
strong and gained
weight. Since then, he
had given me intensive
training every weekend,
and most oftentimes
with my best friend,
I started gaining
confidence in school. I
knew I could beat every
boy in my class. Some
of them still bullied me,
but I promised to
Donovan not to use
what I learned in
kickboxing, unless
someone started it for
me. But when the
leader of the group,
Dexter, who often
bullied me kicked my
ass so hard, I lost my
patience. I immediately
grabbed his shirt and
punched his face so
hard. He was instantly
knocked down and
scrambling up from the
ground. He attempted
to punch me back, but I
was so quick in kicking
his face. His mouth bled
and his nose was
Since that day, the
bullying stopped.
Everyone feared of
crossing with me. They
were scared of making
me angry. But, on that
day, I was brought to
the principal's office, as
well as my parents. My
classmates testified
that I was often bullied
by Dexter, so, in the
end, I got our principal's
sympathy, and forgave
me for what I did.
When I became a
teenager, Donovan was
with me when I fought
to become stupidly
independent. He saw
me getting so drunk in
the bar with my
friends, tried a drug, did
meaningless sex with
someone, going to strip
clubs, etc. He still saw
me getting vulnerable
sometimes. He knew
every time I messed up
and helped me get out
of such mess.
As I grew up, he taught
me a lot of things.
Things that would
make my family freak
out. He taught me what
he learned in Bodyguard
and Security Training
School. I mastered
assembling different
types of rifles and
weapon tactics,
assembling and
dismantling bombs, etc.
He was my partner in
crime, my buddy and
my friend. We raced
cars and motorbike in
maximum speed. We did
dangerous sports, like
volcano bungee jumping,
Heli-skiing, high wave
surfing, mysterious
cave diving, etc. We
were both the same,
adventurous and

9 Aug 2015 10:15

Chapter 2
episode 7
But, the Eros my family
and relatives knew was
a very different guy.
They thought of me as
brilliant, goal-oriented,
confident, powerful,
tough and not capable
of doing silly things, the
perfect man. They had
a high regard of me,
just like they did, with
my ancestors, who
were known as great
men in their times.
Ever since I was born,
they molded me to
become a great man
because I would rule
the Petrakis fortune
someday. I had the
best tutor in academics
and language. Aside
from English, I learned
to speak Greek,
Portuguese, Spanish,
French, Hindi, Filipino and
Mandarin Chinese.
I graduated in Business
Administration at
Harvard University two
years ago, at the age of
twenty two. Since then,
I had devoted my time
in running our family
business, the Petrakis
International Holding
Corporation, a multi-
billion world shipping
company. Just recently,
I took my place as the
Executive Vice President
of our company.
I knew, some of my
colleagues and
employees believed the
worst in me. Why? It
was because I
expected perfection
from them, to be very
skillful, efficient,
excellent and productive
in their jobs. They just
didn't realize that I was
doing this for their own
Our world was full of
competitions. There
were many hungry
sharks businessmen
out there, aiming to
bring our organization
down. They would even
trade their souls just to
see us crawling on the
I wouldn't let our
company fail. We have
thousands of
employees all over the
globe who relied on us.
They would starve,
including their families if
the organization
suffered bankruptcy. No
yearly increase in their
salaries, no bonuses, no
incentives and so on. I
swore no one could ever
bring us down.
The moment we
arrived at the office
building, the security
guards greeted me. I
nodded at them and
went directly to the
lobby, where my private
elevator was. Many
employees were there,
some just arrived and
the others waited for
the elevator to open.
The crowded and noisy
area suddenly became
solemn when I entered,
like you were walking
inside an empty church.
The silence was
deafening that you
could hear a drop of coin
on the floor. Each
employee stood frozen
on their feet. Their eyes
riveted on me. Fear and
anxiety were visible on
their faces.
"Good morning, Mr.
"Good morning, Sir."
"Have a nice day, Sir."
Everyone greeted me.
As usual, I just nodded
my head and went
directly to the elevator.
This was an everyday
scenario in the lobby
and I was already used
to it.
I stepped out of the
elevator and walked
towards my office.
Donovan was following
behind me.
A girl with black
miniskirt, red blouse
with a very plunging
neckline and too bright
red lipstick smiled at
"Good morning, Mr.
Petrakis. I'm Viviene
West, your new
personal assistant." She
was batting her thick
false eyelashes at me.
I looked at her, and
then snapped my
fingers. I immediately
went inside my office.
"Miss West, you've just
been fired." I heard
Donovan said.
=next, Eros' and
Jade's POVs in
Chapter Three == >>>

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Nice, can't wait for d next one.

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Chapter Three
-Kindly put your
playlist here (ex.
Steal My Girl - One
“There are no rules
when it comes to love. I
just try to let love
surprise me because
you never know who
you’re going to fall in
love with. You never
know who’s going to
come into your life –
and for me, when I
picture the person I
want to end up with, I
don’t think about what
their career is, or what
they look like. I picture
the feeling I get when
I’m with them.” ―
Taylor Swift
Jade’s POV
“Wait! Please wait!” I
shouted at the top of
my lungs and ran
towards the bus stop.
But the bus driver didn’t
hear me, and closed the
“No!” Panting,
trembling, breathless, I
groaned with
disappointment. The
bus left, when I was
just a few steps away
from the bus stop.
Now, I had to wait for
another ten to fifteen
minutes for the next
bus. I would be late for
work, which never ever
happened before. I felt
so tired last night that I
overslept. I was so
stupid, I forgot to set
the alarm clock.
I dug out my phone in
my bag to text Mrs.
Chang that I would be
late. I was scrolling my
phone’s contacts when
I came across Joseph’s
number. I stored his
number last night,
despite having no
intention of calling him.
Joseph Nevin was our
neighbor in New Jersey.
Blond, cute with
dimples, tall and lean. He
looked like the young
Brad Pitt. Aside from his
good looks, he was also
smart, very humble,
God-fearing and very
For me, he was the
kindest man I’d ever
met. All the qualities
that I wanted in a guy,
he had it all. He was
Perfect. My Prince
Charming, Knight in
Shining Armor, Dream
Boy and my Mr. Right.
I grew up having him as
my best friend, my
adviser, my protector
and…. My boyfriend,
well, he didn’t know
that, but in my mind, he
was. We even got
married in my dreams
and lived happily ever-
after, in a castle,
surrounded with infinite
love, peace and
Yeah, I was crazy, so
crazy in love. I loved him
for years and I was
determined to have him
as my boyfriend, and
eventually, my future
husband. I wanted him
to be my first in
everything: first kiss,
first love, first
boyfriend and my first
sexual encounter.
But Joseph thought of
me as his little sister,
who used to tag along
behind him, wherever
he went. He was an
only child, and having
me with him always,
made him feel like an
older brother. That’s
what he said all the
time, maybe because of
our five year age gap.
But I wished we
wouldn’t remain in
sibling zone, forever.
The last time we saw
each other, was not
worth reminiscing. It
was very humiliating, on
my part. It happened
two years ago, I was
eighteen and just
graduated high school.
Dad’s health condition
was getting worse at
that time and his body
didn’t respond to the
medical treatment
anymore. We lost
everything, our car,
savings, including our
house. We were just
fortunate that the new
house owner allowed us
to stay for two weeks
to find a new place to
settle down. I was so
miserable, but I was
trying to be strong, for
my family, especially for
Dad. I wanted him to
fight for his life and not
to lose hope.
Joseph was there to
comfort me. He taught
me how to be strong,
to be brave and trust
everything to God. Since
he was, a nurse, he
explained to me the
nature of dad’s disease,
the symptoms, the
disease process,
medical procedure
performed, the
medications, and
everything that I didn’t
We were sitting on the
couch, talking, mostly
about dad. His arms
were around me and his
fingers ran through the
silkiness of my ginger
hair. He loved my hair
and never failed to
touch it every time we
were together. That’s
why, ‘Ginger’ had
always been his pet
name for me.

13 Aug 2015 14:20

Chapter 3
I settled in his warm
embrace and rested my
head on his chest. It
felt like coming home,
every time, I was in his
arms. I listened to his
heart, it pounded
evenly, in a normal
rhythm, like music. But
mine was hammering
wildly. I smelled his
manly scent, hmm, so
divine. Then, I touched
his strong arms and
feasted my eyes on his
attractive face.
Everything about him
enthralled me and
drugging my senses.
The tingling in the pit of
my stomach wouldn’t
stop whenever I was
with him.
I held his eyes, studying
his expressions. I was
looking for some clues
and signs on what he
really felt for me. If he
developed a special
interest in me, he had
no intention of showing
He noticed me, staring
at him. He pulled his
eyebrows together in a
crease and held my
eyes. I smiled at him,
then his face lit up. He
gave me his usual
tender smile that
melted my heart and
turned my limbs to
“That’s my girl. Smile.
Don’t worry, everything
will turn out right. God
wouldn’t give us
problems that we
couldn’t handle.” He
caressed my arm, up
and down, made me
shiver with excitement.
I shifted my position,
and loomed over him. I
held his face with my
hands, feeling the
roughness of his
“I thank God, he gave
me you. I couldn’t
possibly live without
you now, Joseph.” I
slowly bent down my
head and kissed his lips.
Joseph was caught off
guard. With an almost
angry gesture, he
gently pushed me
away. “Ginger, what do
you think you’re doing?
You’re too young for
I looked down, feeling
so embarrassed. “Why?
You don’t like it?”
His expression suddenly
changed and varied
conflicting emotions
played on his face.
“There’s plenty of time
for that. Don’t be in a
hurry to grow up.”
I felt rejected. Why was
he doing this to us? I
knew he loved me. I
saw it in his eyes every
time he looked at me.
Why was he so
evasive? Why couldn’t
he declare his true
feelings for me? Why
was he holding back?
“What are you talking
about? I’m a grown up
woman, I’m eighteen.
Look at me, I’m not a
little girl anymore?” I
stood up straight, and
faced him squarely,
making sure that he
wouldn’t miss my big
boobs. I was wearing a
tight pink shirt and blue
skinny jeans.
“OH, and you think
you’re old enough? I
just bought a Barbie Doll
on your last birthday,
remember? A miniature
of you.”
I heaved a sigh. “That’s
the problem with you,
you refuse to see that
I’m not a little girl
anymore.” Tears
started pooling in my
eyes. I was really
humiliated. I hated him
for always pretending
that I was still a child.
He stood up and took
my hands. “Shh… don’t
cry, my love. Yup, I
noticed, you are actually
growing up, because
you’re now learning
how to flirt with me.”
He teased.
“I hate you, Joseph.” I
pushed him away, but
his hands wouldn’t let
me go.
“You’re very beautiful,
Ginger. A lot of men
envy me, whenever
we’re together.
Someday, you will find
your true love. Someone
who will take care of
you, and will always be
there for you.”
“I don’t want anyone, I
want only you. Do you
understand me? I love
you, you, you, you.” I
poked my forefinger on
his chest. Tears were
running on my cheeks
now. I didn’t care
anymore if I declared
my true feelings for
“Ginger, listen to me.
I’m going away… this
“What?” What did he
say? I was trying to
figure out what he just
“I decided to join the
medical mission to
Southern Africa.”

13 Aug 2015 14:20

Chapter 3
“What?” I felt suddenly
cold, like I just had an
ice bucket challenge.
He’s going away?
“You know, how much I
wanted this. This is my
advocacy in life, to help
and alleviate the
suffering of the sick
people, especially the
needy. Helping the less
fortunate brings joy to
my heart. I want to be
there for them.”
“For how long? A
He shook his head.
“Perhaps, years.”
My world suddenly
collapsed. I couldn’t
believe what I’ve just
heard. He was leaving
for Southern Africa this
weekend? I know how
compassionate Joseph
was with people, that’s
why I was drawn to
him, completely. He
studied nursing because
of his passion to take
care of the sick and the
needy. He enjoyed being
with people, talking,
calming and soothing
them to ease their pain
and distress. But going
to Southern Africa,
Since that day, we
hadn’t seen each other.
Dad was fighting for his
life, and I never left his
side. Joseph was very
busy processing his
papers for his trip. But
he never failed to leave
me a letter, saying
Eros’ POV
I parked my car, outside
the coffee shop. I never
bothered having coffee
in my apartment, since
I was anticipating the
cup of espresso here in
the coffee shop. It was
very delicious, simply
the best that I’ve ever
Donovan and I, ordered
the same coffee that
we had yesterday. But
when I tasted my
espresso, I was so
disappointed. It didn’t
even have the heart
artwork design.
“This one didn’t taste
as good as we had
yesterday.” I took
another sip, then
pushed it away.
“Really? My coffee
tastes good. Just the
same as yesterday.”
“Mine didn’t. I don’t like
Donovan looked at the
Barista. “Maybe
because, somebody
else prepared it
I looked at the Barista
and to Donovan. “
“You didn’t notice? The
girl, who did everything.
She was alone,
“No. I don’t remember.”
“The girl with black hair,
eyeglasses, and
wearing vintage
“I still don’t remember.”
“Anyway, she was the
one who made our
I nodded and called the
“I want another of this,
and make sure that,
that girl with thick-
rimmed eyeglasses
prepares it.”
“Sorry Sir. But she
hadn’t arrived yet.” The
blond waitress
shrugged her shoulders.
I nodded and dismissed
the waitress
“Are you done? Let’s
go.” I stood up, not
waiting for Donovan to
answer. He was still
sipping his coffee. “I’ll
wait for you in the car.”
I opened the door of
the coffee shop and
went outside. I was
reading my email
messages on my phone
when I collided with
“Oops!” I immediately
caught the middle-aged
lady before she fell on
the ground. I held her
small waist tightly with
one arm to steady her
stance. She was so
light, slender and very
delicate. “Are you
She was clinging to me.
Both of her arms were
around my neck. She
was trembling with

13 Aug 2015 14:21

Chapter 3
Her face was pressed
on my chest. Then, she
slowly looked up at me.
I was so surprised that
she was not a middle-
aged woman at all. She
was young, so young…
eighteen, probably? Her
face was well modeled
and very feminine. And
the wind whipped color
into her cheeks. She
parted her lips, gasping
for air. It gave me the
opportunity to stare at
the moistness of her
sweet curled lips. Then,
I held her eyes for a
while, behind its black
rimmed eyeglasses. She
had beautiful sparkling
green eyes, like
emeralds. She looked so
familiar. Her eyes
reminded me of
“Yes, I’m fine, I’m
sorry, Sir… I’m okay.”
“Are you sure? You look
so fragile.” I let go of
her and she instantly
stepped backward.
“Yes, actually, I’m
stronger that you
thought. Looks could be
very deceiving
I frowned at her.
“That’s hard to believe.
You’re so thin, I could
easily break your bones
with my two fingers.
You even look
She inhaled deeply and
smiled sarcastically.
“Thanks for the
compliment, Sir. I have
to go, I’m already late
for work.” She spun and
went towards the
coffee shop door.
“You’re welcome.” I
provoked her. She
sounded so upset. “Are
you sure, you’re okay?
She went back,
stomping her feet on
the ground and stood in
front of me. I was
surprised when she
jumped up and down,
then made exaggerated
lunges and stretching,
then, springing her arms
upwards and sideways.
“See? Nothing’s broken.
I’m fine, OKAY!”
I was amused by her
actions, she was a
funny girl. “Okay, I’m
convinced. Be careful
next time and watch
your steps.”
She glared at me, her
lips thinned with
irritation. We stared at
each other across a
sudden ringing silence.
“Everything okay?”
Donovan, who came out
of the coffee shop,
asked me.
“Yeah, come on, let’s
go.” I strode to my car
and left the girl staring
at us.
“That was the woman
who made our coffee
yesterday.” Donovan
said, the moment we
were in the car.
“Yeah, I figured that
out.” I drove the car
“Too bad you haven’t
enjoyed your morning
coffee, Sir.”
“Yeah… too bad…” I
groaned then, drove in
silence. Thinking of
glimmering emerald
eyes. After five
minutes of driving, I
stopped the car and
made a U-turn.
“Where are we going,
Sir?” Donovan asked.
“I realized, I really need
that coffee.”

13 Aug 2015 19:46

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