Nigerian forum: Religion - WOULD YOU FACE THE FIRE OR THE LIONS?
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2 Aug 2015 22:23

Assuming you are in a 12th floor of a building and suddenly you see that the whole building has been engulfed by fire from the 1st floor to the 11th floor.And the fire is getting closer to the one you are. And as you stand on the balcony shouting for help,you look downward and see a pride of hungry lions looking up at you.And a voice says to you.'My child,where is your faith?jump down into the midst of the lions, their mouths had been shut just as they were shut when DANIEL was in their den.with your faith,you will be today's DANIEL.'And another voice shouted to you saying,'My child,where is your faith?walk into the fire and climb down the staircases.The fire will have no power over you,for l have overcome it. Just as MESHACH,SHADRACH and ABEDNEGO walked free in it, shall you walk in it today.You are today's MESHACH,SHADRACH and ABEDNEGO.your faith has saved you'. Now which of them would you face? FIRE OR LIONS?

3 Sep 2015 19:20

For me, l will better stand and wait and continue in prayers.With faith in God,miracle will surely happen to save me.For the two voices,l will not obey them because both of them quoted the Bible.Satan can quote the Bible excellently like he did to Christ when he tempted him.