Nigerian forum: Gentlemen only - 5 Things Every Man Should Know by 30.
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2 Aug 2015 20:50

1. Self-awareness. By age 30, every man
should be well practiced in open, honest
self-evaluation, and introspection. He
should be comfortable examining his
feelings so as not to automatically repeat
mistakes of his past. Self-awareness is
comforting and leads to a calm state of
2. Good communication skills. Good
communication includes talking about
feelings. Easier said than done! When
there is a disagreement and heat goes
up, most people have a hard time
listening without interrupting, judging,
blaming, or shutting down into silence.
Wrestling with conflict and hanging in
while struggling to work things through
with your partner is the stuff that
separates success from failure in
relationships. Talking is the glue that
holds relationships and people together.
3. Basic understanding of the female gender.
Many of my female patients complain
that their man doesn't understand them.
Then, they invite their guy to join them
in a therapy session and lo and behold,
it's true! The guy doesn't have the
foggiest notion of how women function
or feel.
4. Coping skills for dealing with
disappointments. By age 30, every man
should know that we can't protect
ourselves or prevent life's
disappointments. The best we can do is
equip ourselves with coping skills to
deal with inevitable letdowns without
raging into a furious tantrum or
collapsing into depression.
5. Know what pleasures the ins and outs of
the female body. By now, men should be
very aware that direct pressure on their
lady's clitoris is painful not pleasurable.
Of course, each woman is different and
has different preferences. This is where
good communication skills are
necessary. But the basics of what feels
good and what doesn't should have been
learned by age 30.

4 Aug 2015 14:38

Na so ohoh

4 Aug 2015 17:21

Nice words, Keep it up

4 Aug 2015 18:20

true talk

4 Aug 2015 19:59

Nice,word of advice.

4 Aug 2015 20:40

tanx all. I appreciate

5 Aug 2015 05:06

9ice 1

5 Aug 2015 14:11

educating stuff kudos pal

7 Aug 2015 12:25

Is this about the guys to the ladies or about the ladies to the guys?

7 Aug 2015 12:29

But they are responsibilities ladies(Women) should take also for a healthy relationship.