Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - what's the craziest thing you can do/have done for Love?
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2 Aug 2015 16:13

love is such a wonderful feeling... many claim to have felt it at one time or another... many others are in search of it while another set don't believe in its existence. Some often mistake lust for Love but that's not the thing... be it lust or love we all have done something out of the ordinary just to prove a point. some have traveled across the country to be with their loved ones, some have disowned their families just for Love. I know someone who got married to an HIV positive girl just for Love. let's share our experiences or limits. What's the craziest thing you have done/can do for love?

2 Aug 2015 16:21

I'll start... personally I've done loads of crazy stuff especially for feelings of the opposite sex... notable mentions are going out with a witch*winks* ...getting arrested and spending unnecessary money for bail.. .also going AWOL for over a week without people knowing my whereabouts only to be with that someone who might as well have killed me.... lol
feel free to drop yours.... I know the ladies are the ones that do more in this aspect... don't be shy, let's hear them

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18 Aug 2015 15:41

Love her like no one ever did