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2 Aug 2015 16:03

Trusting is hard,knowing who to trust is harder, can you entrust your girlfriend or boyfriend,to your best friend?

4 Aug 2015 14:46

Not in this era...

4 Aug 2015 16:27

Yes i cn

4 Aug 2015 16:34

no i cant because my friend as fuck my girlfriend

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4 Aug 2015 16:59

yea i can

4 Aug 2015 17:08

Of course.. It depend on the kind of friend your best friend is to you and also the trust between you and your girlfriend. For me, i can

4 Aug 2015 17:18

Yes coz my bst frnd is wel trusted.

4 Aug 2015 17:23

Neva u say dat in d world anytin can happen ur best frnd can b ur worst enermy only God u can entrust smtin or sm1 to dat will kip it d way it was entrusted

4 Aug 2015 17:32

I hear sum pple saying trust,let me tell u guyz my fellow men,if u live her wit him i bet u she must get fucked,wen d pressure z der she wil succumb,blive me. I cn't 4get diz saying by 1 of our philosophaz,he sayz nd i quote,''I CAN RESIST ANYTHING BUT NOT TEMPTATION''.

4 Aug 2015 18:01

yes i can

4 Aug 2015 18:23


4 Aug 2015 18:42


4 Aug 2015 18:51

Yes i can,it's depend on a kaind of person i make freind wit

4 Aug 2015 18:53

Put Ur Trust In God Not On Man Bicoz Man May Fail Even Unintentionally But Let Me Ask U One Question Can U Be Some1's True Lover?

4 Aug 2015 18:58

In this life that we're now u can't trust any1 not to talk ov frnd o even best frnd

4 Aug 2015 19:06


4 Aug 2015 19:29

I don't even have any trusted friend not to talk of entrusting my girlfriend in his care.

4 Aug 2015 19:59

Friends are dangerous.

4 Aug 2015 21:54

Well as 4me know trues

4 Aug 2015 21:57

Depends on how much u trusted him.cos for me I have one