Nigerian forum: Travel - welcome too Lithuania (Europe)
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1 Aug 2015 20:36

this topic is officially brought too u by Lithuanian (mobofree) communities "

Lithuania is a beautiful country in European union , its also a member of UE community/group

For those of you who don't really know about this beautiful country

Lithuania attracts million of tourist all over the world ,

Lithuania : its capital city is officially called Vilnius.

Vilnius city : it's the largest and biggest city in the republic of Lithuania in the European union

Vilnius is the business city of Lithuania,

Lithuanian citizens/people are mainly and highly educated people
Compare too other UE nations..

lithuania languages : Lithuanian languages re mainly divided into several ethnic groups.
Which re been spoken l.e

- Lithuanian
- Russian
- Latvian
- German
- Slovak
- many others languages!!

too learn and know more about this beautiful nation visit/request ur Google @

Lithuania got her independent from
Russia/Germany in 1918.

Luthuania has most of the world most popular
And one of world
Most popular/strongest man
Is mainly from Lithuania Europe.
all around d world including
World fast growing website

Lithuania has a closes border with Sweden , Denmark , Latvia ,

Lithuania welcome every one,
AsEuropean, Lithuanian is one of most European fast developed/visit nations in the European union..

this are most of precious things u need too know about Lithuania.
For more info visit : Lithuania on ur Google page

thank u for reading have a nice day...

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