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1 Aug 2015 04:32

Beauty is not a guarantee to
marriage .
Falling sick does not mean you are
about to die.
Getting rich is not the defination
of prosperity.
Building a nice house is not
enjoying luxury.
Sleeping on an expensive bed
does not bring you sound sleep.
Driving a new car is not a
guarantee that you
gonna reach where you are going.
Wearing best clothes does not
mean they are fitting you.
Owning a family doctor does not
guarantee permanent health.
Being too much educated is not a
sign of wisdom.
Marrying a rich guy does not
guarantee happy marriage.
Winning an argument does not
mean that you are correct.
Whatever is done without the
merit of Heaven is fake or
He who build without God is
building for nothing ;
and he who watches over a city
without God, watches in vain.
Not everything is possible with
Yet everything is possible with
Involve God in everything you do.

4 Aug 2015 18:39

most ppl dnt knw BABA AGBA!!

4 Aug 2015 19:35

Nice quotes.

4 Aug 2015 21:36

good one

23 Aug 2015 19:35

Muscle is not power/strength

25 Aug 2015 18:44

u re right

26 Aug 2015 03:01

Nice one keep it up

26 Aug 2015 03:13

All d rat in the bush still hav thier way

30 Dec 2015 13:13