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31 Jul 2015 19:27

what will you really do,if the person you truly love belong to someone else? will you easily give up on him/her,please feel free to speak your mind

31 Jul 2015 19:28

i cant imagine the pain

5 Aug 2015 09:00

Don't know how to explain the mood that day

5 Aug 2015 09:05

I cn't live her

5 Aug 2015 09:07

i will jst b confused that day

5 Aug 2015 09:29

I will discard her from my mind

5 Aug 2015 12:24

jxt b confused dat day bt cn't live him

5 Aug 2015 12:30

Will neva live her cus i knw life s all abt competition cus if der s no competitor in our life it will luk dry.......

5 Aug 2015 12:32

This was strong things but i don't no what we happene to me although am a single raity naw and that is why i still keep my self single because am fearing of Heart Braking .

5 Aug 2015 12:32

life is up an down

5 Aug 2015 12:34

I will still be praying that she should be mine and I wount stop talking to her

5 Aug 2015 12:35

Such is life if u kill ur self they will continue

5 Aug 2015 12:54

The same shoes

6 Aug 2015 16:06

Sounds scary, I pray it doesn't happen to me can't imagine d feelin, but no one knows tomoro shah so in dat situation wat matters to me is d girls choice. if she is happier wit him then I would hav no option than to let go and deal wit my miserable life. Bcos no matter how u fight for such relationship their won't be happines in has to reciprocate.

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6 Aug 2015 18:59

Let her go

6 Aug 2015 19:41

I will leave her and start looking for my own

6 Aug 2015 19:51

I Dn't Pray For Such To Come My Way So Dis Is My Advice On Such Issue Is Dat If U Don't Let Her Go The Won't Be A Happy Home/family For You N Her Bicoz She Is Not Urs. And U Don't Kno If The Right One For U Is A Person Whom Once She Looks At U Will Kno Wat Is In Ur Mind And React To Ur Happiness And Will But The Present One Only Gives U A Little Happiness And Ur Afriad Of Losing Her, Let Her Go And Search For Missing Rib.

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6 Aug 2015 22:30

haba!! u tk a bow n move on.....

7 Aug 2015 00:45

I just have to leave her to go because as long as I don't offended her.

7 Aug 2015 15:32

I love dat ooo