Nigerian forum: Politics - - will buhari reverse down the corruption in nigeria " ?
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30 Jul 2015 01:20

Is that possible ....

30 Jul 2015 13:38

may he will trying to do something special 4nigeria publimay he will trying to do something special 4nigeria public

30 Jul 2015 13:58

YES ofcourse

30 Jul 2015 14:37


30 Jul 2015 15:29

Give him tym, I guess he is trying his best 2 reverse that. Not supporting Tinubu though but I go with his words "Nation spoilt 4 6yrs cnt b repaired just in aw many months". We all knw its easy 2 spoil somtin in minutes but hard 2 repair even in hours!

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30 Jul 2015 15:32

Perharps he Will, b cos he has d political Will

30 Jul 2015 15:36

no man can tell

30 Jul 2015 15:43

What we nid is prayer nt what Buhari or anybody will do

30 Jul 2015 17:17

Buahri can't solve the corruption of Nigeria instead he's causing more corruption in the country,Have you forgotten that buahri and his like are the wings of corruption in this country.....Only God can help us in this country called ''Nigeria''

30 Jul 2015 17:21

trust him

30 Jul 2015 17:23

how he belong 2 corruption daniel

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30 Jul 2015 22:01

let wait and see

30 Jul 2015 22:44

Its Only God that can help this our country NIGERIA

30 Jul 2015 22:48

Reason lyk a man Mr. Daniel...God can't come down and help our country but will direct som1 2 do that. You are not current my dear, cos if you are your prayers will be God 2 give Buhari more strenght over whar he is pursuing.

30 Jul 2015 23:12

May god help us

30 Jul 2015 23:21

Let him stop pushing pdp members, an get to work, naira equal to dollar, petrol 40 per litter, light everywhere, good road, water, good medical home, more job in the country, good salary for workers in the government house, 5000per mouth for unemployed, an many more

30 Jul 2015 23:33

did he not say he will make magic

30 Jul 2015 23:35

talk am make dem hear

30 Jul 2015 23:38

my brother,APC politics is that of rancour and hatred

30 Jul 2015 23:41

rancour and bitterness can not make him the messaih