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29 Jul 2015 17:14

At first, i followed stories on mobofree nd as time goes on, the writer or poster wil suddenly stop on a certain episode leaving d readers wondering wats going on, take d literature forum for instance, there are alot or uncompleted Stories, pls wats going on?
Next time if u know u can't complete d stories by posting all d episodes, den dnt post it, it's simple as dat, take d story of Ella in One wrong turn posted by one abike, she stopped at episode twenty five.
Now we dnt know how d story ends, am just saying tho, cos it's got me so frustrated.

30 Jul 2015 17:12

I second you on that, i have been following some of the stories myself. They are quite interesting but for some queer reason are not completed.

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30 Jul 2015 17:29


30 Jul 2015 18:17


30 Jul 2015 18:41


30 Jul 2015 21:00

Nooooo I posted ooooooooo bt admin didn't appprove it, dnt knw y so its nt by fault

30 Jul 2015 21:42

abi na

30 Jul 2015 22:51

That's what we call suspense my brother...african magic. Lolz!

30 Jul 2015 22:56

You are rite

31 Jul 2015 10:26

Is true

31 Jul 2015 17:51

@ abike, pls try to find out y d stories were not posted, tanks.

31 Jul 2015 17:54

Nd his beloved posted by shaxee.....dat can't be the end of it

31 Jul 2015 23:05

Tnx alot blessing! I stoppd 2 read stories on mobofree nd is ol bcoz of one wrng turn, i usd to follow it coz its vry interesting. Plz abike if u hav any problm in postin it u shud hav contctd d admin.

1 Aug 2015 18:09

yes o

1 Aug 2015 19:30

I need to say my part, I'd like to finish my stories, but where comes no comment from readers,.

I'd like to hear from you guys before continuing any story, if you guys are reader to comment, we gonna make the literature section functioning on mb for life... Thanks you all... #Shaxee

2 Aug 2015 11:01

Shaxee pls go on with your story some of us have droped their comment. I am eager to read your story

2 Aug 2015 17:10

Shaxee, his beloved is an interesting story, pls continue wit it.

4 Aug 2015 11:01

Pls abike we need d next episode

8 Aug 2015 20:10

pls Abike contact the admin so that we can read the concludx part of the story.

10 Aug 2015 23:28

Abike and shaxee, pls complete the story