Nigerian forum: Jokes - Guys which bank your Girlfriend be? Be sincere!
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29 Jul 2015 14:52

1. If ur gf asks for money all the time,she b
"Commercial Bank"
2. If ur gf ask for food always, she b "Agricultural Development Bank"
3. If ur gf dey kari ur money to take care of
other family members,she b "National
Investment Bank"
4. If ur gf prefers to have sex after
marriage,she be "Social security Bank"
5. If ur gf dey very faithful to you,she b "Fidelity Bank"
6. If ur gf dey share sex from 1 man 2 anoda,she b "Access Bank"
7. If ur gf dey date so many different men,she be "Intercontinental bank"
8. If ur gf too fine,she b "Zenith Bank".
9. If ur gf too ugly,she be "Union Bank".
10. If ur gf too dey lie,she be "Bank Phb now Keystone Bank".
11. If ur gf too stingy,she b "1st Bank".
12. If ur gf gather bobby and back side wela,she be "GTB bank".
13. If ur gf too expensive,she be "Diamond bank".
14. If ur gf get bfs wey dey out of 9ja,she be "UBA Bank".
15. If ur gf get big eye like Ozil and shegun irinze,she be "Oceanic bank".
16. If ur gf dey mess anyhow,she be"Akawo or Ajo".
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Ladies which Bank Are You ?
Guys Which Bank Is Your Girlfriend ?

29 Jul 2015 14:53

My own galfrnd na Union Bank!

23 Aug 2015 12:11

Fedility bank

26 Aug 2015 02:20

Social security bank