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29 Jul 2015 00:30

The only person a woman attentively listens to and obeys sincerely and does exactly as he says is a PHOTOGRAPHER. • Most ladies pray for hardworking men, but they won't answer greeting from a bricklayer, truck pusher etc • When you take group pictures, the first to go to the camera man to see the picture is the ugliest. •When a man walks into a chemist with an innocent/sorry face and greets everyone including his juniors. Trust me, he came to buy condoms. • A typical igbo man will never forget his change with a bus conductor, he rather sets a reminder on his phone. • If you're talking to a girl and she stares at your lips. Trust me, she wants you to kiss her. •If you're talking to a guy and he stares at your face. Trust me, your boobs are way too small to be noticed. •Smiles have been proven to be more attractive on ladies face than make-up. •If you've onced apply spirit to your pubic hair areas while growing up, there's every tendency, you will do money rituals if you don't make it in time. • Teacher: 2 Books 2 Books? Akpos: 4 Books. Teacher: Now I'll ask you a tough one 1,789,365 Books 23,5678 Books…? Akpos: Na LIBRARY Ma! • WHAT A LIFE! When you have boil on both armpits, people start thinking you're proud. • No matter the level of your love between you and your partner, MTN will always send you messages more than your partner. • 90% of people who are indigenes of Ibadan, the capital of Oyo state have gaps between their teeth. • Only on facebook that some guys will be so humble to tell a girl"Thanks for the add"... But at home, after eating their mama's food, they can't even say"Thanks for the food". • It's only an igbo man that can send his new wife to honey moon ALONE. Just to save cost. Igbo kwenu............. !! •As a GIRL if you cook NOODLES and it gets Burnt even by MISTAKE...please forget about MARRIAGE for now • Stupidity is when you have a Hummer Jeep, a Range Rover, an Acura,an Infinity and still have a Landlord. • Dear"Ex", out of all your lies,"I love you"is my favourite. • Mosquitoes be like"We no want ferrari, we no want designer, we say na ur BLOOD ooooo"• Mother-inlaw: Am surprised dat my son's child dnt look like him why? Wife: wat I av between my legs is a Vagina not a photocopying machine.!!! Lwkm • One spelling mistake can destroy your life. A Husband sent this to his wife:"I’m having a wonderful time wish you were"her". hahahahahaha!!!!!............................ Edited by Donald

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29 Jul 2015 00:31

Wot a life.

29 Jul 2015 11:56

hmm! sure

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29 Jul 2015 13:45

Funny, but they are fact.

29 Jul 2015 19:56

Funny but dey ar d fact of life

29 Jul 2015 21:39

Hahahaha can't stop laughing

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29 Jul 2015 23:59

You made my day

30 Jul 2015 00:48

lol...funny yhu..

30 Jul 2015 09:20

real fact

30 Jul 2015 13:09

True Talk

11 Aug 2015 22:34

12 Aug 2015 16:20

very funny lwkm

12 Aug 2015 16:25

Are u a teacher

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12 Aug 2015 17:29

Datx a great and fact and itx interesting