Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - 6 SIGNS SHE IS ONLY WITH YOU FOR YOU MONEY.
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27 Jul 2015 14:41

most men often worry that their partners are just with them for material gain and this is not so far-fetched considering having that a lot of women have the reputation of going after men with means.everyone deserves to be with someone who love them and wants them for who they are,so,can you spot the fruads?see below some simple ways to find out if she is with you just for what you can offer her. (1)SHE ONLY CALLS WHEN SHE NEEDS SOMETHING.(2)SHE IS NOT INTERESTED IN GETTING TO KNOW YOU.(3)DOES NOT REMEMBER DETAILS ABOUT YOU.(4)ACT UP WHEN SHE DOES NOT GET WHAT SHE WANTS.(5)MAKE NO SACRIFICES.(6)AVOIDS FRIENDS AND FAMILY.

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28 Jul 2015 13:29

Tru talk

28 Jul 2015 14:37


28 Jul 2015 15:12

Is not true

28 Jul 2015 15:16


28 Jul 2015 16:14

28 Jul 2015 18:46

dats not really true

28 Jul 2015 23:09

true talk

28 Jul 2015 23:47

Yea rite

29 Jul 2015 00:52

na so

29 Jul 2015 01:04

sometimes is like that

29 Jul 2015 01:21

nt all ladies re like dat nd some pple av problems on hw to relate wth odas. i also am one of dem

29 Jul 2015 08:36

slyvivian you are just 16, u don't know much about relationship.

29 Jul 2015 18:08