Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - Why do some boys and girls send their NUDE picture?
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26 Jul 2015 08:57

A girl that will one day becomes,a mother to her children are now disgracing their body because of money,if she is your sister what will you do to her?

28 Jul 2015 13:46
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28 Jul 2015 13:48
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31 Jul 2015 01:36

Prevention is better than cure my dear

31 Jul 2015 01:39

Last days vogue activities

31 Jul 2015 01:57

To most girls,posting nude is no more a big deal. Since most of d girls u see today love working abt half naked in d streets thereby exposing their body for d reason best known to them. So y do u think dat posting nudes should b a big deal whn they can only b in their comfort room,snap their nakedness n share it with whoever dat pleases them. Posting nude is never a big deal nw whn u can see tens of girls in any strippers club watching their fellow girls dancing raw naked.

1 Aug 2015 17:50

This is madness

7 Aug 2015 17:18

Influence of d western world

7 Aug 2015 17:20

Yeah thats true