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24 Jul 2015 00:33

Some Time People Complain About Their Persident That Their Persident Is Not Good So I Am Asking If You Are Given An Opportunity To Become The Persident Of Your Country In One Week What Will You Do,

24 Jul 2015 11:06

"Trust me"! A week alone is just enough for a good man/woman with a good head, heart/intention to high grade or transform Nigeria into a more civilized and better heritage. A Motherland worth to be envied by several other African nations. even beyond (First! Every goals to be achieved has to be passed/written down as a law to be carried out "even" when i'm no longer in office) However! Bare in mind that in achieving a goal of this massive extent, you must be prepared to step on toes of several other dirty and ambitious politicians (with an opposition intention). But you have to look away from their treacherous ambitions and desires and see through the needs of "millions" suffering less privileged citizens who has been denied the right to be considered one (Nigerian). Awkward right? yeah i think so. Now back to the question matter.
DAY ONE in office. I will amend the diluted and incomplete constitution of this nation and make it complete by changing several unbalanced poor man's conditioned constitutions (favorable to only the wealthy) eg. adding that ; any politician who occupies an office in this nation "must" have his/her child/children schooling in the country (from pre-nursery to university level). but if "any"; wishes to do otherwise, then! he/she should be able to provide an adequate reasons for underrating the nations education reputation, or otherwise face maximum penalty for treason of that sought (which includes salary cut down by 60% and denials of allowances). with achieving this, i think our schools standard will prove better when we have our leaders children in them. I hope you understand the logic.
DAY TWO in office; I will shuffle out bad eggs corrupting the good leaders of this nation and have them remanded in kiri kiri maximum prison for twenty five years and under proper supervision. To ensure, they are been given proper kiri kiri treatment. In achieving this i think any one venturing into politics with dubious intention will know what to expect. "kiri kiri" i bet you don't wanna be there. do you? the choice is simple.
DAY THREE in office; I will invest 50% of capital realized from crude exportation and circulation for three years (as a law to be observed even when i'm no longer in power). Then assign Hugh amount of it to the East, West, North and South of the country (in appropriate measures), for agriculture economy development and enhancement purpose and then impose a law, stating that any region who fails to deliver as expected. The person in charge of that regions project will be investigated thoroughly and if found guilty of mismanagement, reckless spendings or embezzlement. Will be considered as incompetent care taker, also as a threat and enemy to the growth of the nations economy and Will face the penalty of thirty years imprisonment with hard labour. I mean Nigerian standard of harrrrrrd labour
DAY FOUR in office; I will pick out ten (each) genuine (not man know man) best students from every tribes of the nation (a search/assignment beginning from my day one in office and submitted on day four). They will be sent to some of the most standard, technologically confirmed institutions around the world, for various practical studies. and afterward will (after proper graduation) represent their people by (each) impacting what he/she has learnt so far into various schools of the nation, with every necessary required equipments provided (regardless of the cost). in achieving this; i believe that Nigerian's technology status will go a long way. Which is highly required for the quick growth of a nation aspiring for a good GDP World ranking. if you agree with me say "ye". yeah! thanks! i see you! cheers!
DAY FIVE in office. the Nigeria power sector has been a mess for decades, Which has practically, totally, emotionally and psychologically turnedf the Nation into a dark zone or a dark pot full of gold. Mo-fo leaders stacked upon leaders has promised to be the hero that will do justice to this epidermic. but all has failed, why? well! i think that's a good question. But then the task should not be that difficult to achieve (that is if one gat a genuine intention to do it). first i will stop the importation of generator. Secondly i will shuffle deep down the managements of the power holding sector, find out where the problem is coming from. but if they are unable to provide an adequate reason for the power instability, then! whoever is involved or found guilty of duping the Nation, will face maximum penalty in accordance with the law on day three protocol. Then measures will be taken to convert gas Flair and waste dumps etc, which has been creating air pollution and causing problem to the human liver and lung into something useful (like power generation and cleaner environment). in achieving this. we wont have to suffer noise and air pollution generating from an old "i pass my neighbour". which some are more or less same as the garri grinding engine or even the charcoal train. bpooooooooiiii. Oh! i'm sorry! if your generator fits that description. No hard feelings!
DAY SIX in office;i will declare operation share the money, (which the names collection would have started from day one and submitted on day six for implementation). Mind you i did mention 50% in regard to day three. Now the remaining 30% of 50% will be shared among every citizen of Nigeria regardless of age, gender or whatever. everyone must have a share in it. By achieving this "trust me", the poverty level of this nation will reduce a lot and millions "with good head" will be empowered for ever. but those with little thinking ability will have themselves to blame for their failure, but not totally shambled though! as there will still be job opportunities generated by those with sound mind..The question is are you of the little thinking ability or of the sound mind? discover yourself on time, opportunity might present itself anytime.
DAY SEVEN in office; I will spend my last day in office power (as incumbent president) in rewriting the law that binds me from ruling for more than one week without the notice of most of the law makers, only with few of my most trusted cabinets , so as to buy more time and to probe all those who has ever stolen from the nation and prosecute them for their crime (mind you! i know there might be consequences afterward) "but it's a dice between a champion and a player set to purpose " . 50% of cash recovered will be used to plant CCTV cameras around the nukes and crannies to promote better security system and the other 50% will be use to promote sports and also the entertainment industries in the state. NOTE: all of this plans and its movements shall begins from day one in office. And with fast thinking and also adequate underground working with good consultations and ideas from few anonymous specialists around the globe, a lot will be achieved also with no mercy shown or observation acknowledged; The end will turn out gloomy and there will be massive job creation around the nation (withing a very short period of time), and we will all have course to look forward to a better tomorrow. thanks. i'm. AKA prime87. I which it was 47

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24 Jul 2015 11:39

Quote by Telepathic
Some Time People Complain About Their Persident That Their Persident Is Not Good So I Am Asking If You Are Given An Opportunity To Become The Persident Of Your Country In One Week What Will You Do,

♥♥♥ly question

24 Jul 2015 11:57

first of all I will order 4 all pro-criminals in all the state to be release, and then give them a life contract job.. I tell them to go and fight boko haram and tell them to make sure they kill them all... and after dat I will tell back to give rest to sum unwanted leaders

24 Jul 2015 12:09

Guys! Let me tell u,u can't do anytinx within that period of time even if u are given a year u will first of all think how your family won't be able to experience poverty for d rest of there life that means you will embezzle d country's money.... All those politicians also promise to make Nigeria a better place bt wen they gt dia is another matter,,,, Nah money u dey joke wit let it go and u run to poverty

24 Jul 2015 12:50
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24 Jul 2015 14:51
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24 Jul 2015 15:04

given me one week oooo or 4yrs, I ll give my mum ministerial appointment, all my siblings, mum aunties, uncles, cousins....All of dem ll v a good post ...hmmm den I ll kno wat else to begins at home...dis is hw we do it in niaja.....smiles

24 Jul 2015 17:31

easier said than done;uneasy lies the head dat wears d crown

24 Jul 2015 17:32

I lyk ur way,jst say ur mind;no pretence

24 Jul 2015 17:46

Well been a president 4 a wek, is just an acting president bcus d tenture is too short 2 run a president,furthermore dy is no salary 4 such president is just create history 4 de nation?

24 Jul 2015 18:04


24 Jul 2015 18:27
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24 Jul 2015 21:14

1 week is nothing

25 Jul 2015 14:42

i will reject the ofer, bcause their want Me dead

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25 Jul 2015 15:03

Nobody can do anything for a nation in one week, a country is not a household

25 Jul 2015 16:11

it almost impossible to do anything in 1wk but i will try my best in our country industrial sector because we are far behind in the world in that area(industrial area).

25 Jul 2015 16:19

Within One Week, I will ban all importation goods of all type and encourage Nigeria Made to grow, also I will approved Nigeria English to be part of school curiculium for every body to know how to read and speak pigin english.

25 Jul 2015 17:47

One week is OK for me for days to serve the people that pute there the remaine days to enjoy my life is OK for me

25 Jul 2015 17:49

Only God knows the rest!