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21 Jul 2015 15:18

Decided to upgrade your phone but your budget is very limited? It's still possible, but it's not really a one word secret. Below are given the steps that you can follow to get smartphone or computer very cheap from MOBOfree. We can guarantee for your satisfaction after reading this:

Check all sellers with urgent need on MOBOfree.

Finding people with urgent need of cash is the core things here. Millions of people post the ads for their old items daily on MOBOfree, but the ones who have urgent need of cash - are ready for bigger discounts . There are many reasons of urgency like they they want to upgrade their product or they are moving out of city or even country.
People with urgent need, sell their item for a very low price. And our experience shows that items from these sellers quite often are of better quality. As they are selling things not because something is wrong with those things. They simple need money as soon as possible.
So how will you find people with urgent need?
There are 2 ways you can find this. Either you can use search option on MOBOfree or use Google. Suppose you want to buy a smartphone, then here are search terms you can use on MOBOfree: “urgent smartphone”, “urgent phone”, "urgent android".
Or you can open and search with keywords as below:

urgent smartphone Nigeria

So now you know you have the list of sellers who want to sell their item on emergency basis. And here is the next step before you contact any of the seller.

Buy only from Individual Seller

Dealers and business professionals are aware that word "urgent" or "sale", "discount" can make some miracles. So they are using those words to attract buyers, but in reality there is no any urgency.
After you find individual sellers with urgent need, follow the next step.

Check & Compare Details and Price

If smartphone 1 year old, then the selling price should not be more than 70% of the current market price. Price should not be more than 60% for 2 years old stuff and 50% for 3 years old.
Depreciation cost of car, house, furniture or similar product is much higher.
A true seller with urgent need sell it’s stuff for much lower price than the above calculation.
So if you have found some of the good seller on MOBOfree who are selling their product at a much lower rate and if their product quality is good then follow the the next topic where you will find the main trick.

Close the deal as soon as possible

This is one of the most important step you need to take. The main focus of the whole article is this point only. After finding a good seller either on MOBOfree, you need to close the deal as soon as possible. If you are late even by an hour, then you may lose the deal.
You must be surprised, why? Because many of the people are running their businesses on such deals only!
But do not forget about safety issues. Even if deal looks very good - never pay in advance without inspection of smartphone. Don't become a victim of scammers.
And finally the final tip.

Check MOBOfree every 1 hour or at least every day

There are chances that you have not found any good deal yet, because you just started. Hunting for good deals takes time. If someone comes with a good deal on MOBOfree, it can catch the eye of the dealer and he will buy it before you get any chance.
Don’t worry because every 1-2 minutes someone posts an ad for selling his used item. Just visit the sites and check the most recent ads there. Keep on refreshing every hour to find dozens of new ads and look for the good deals.
As soon as you find a new seller with urgent need or good deal, contact him and settle the deal fast before he starts getting calls from the dealers.

And be sure - you will find a good deal in 1 week max. And doesn't matter where you are located - in Lagos, Abuja or Enugu. There are almost 500,000 items for sale on MOBOfree, you so you can be sure - you will find your deal.

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