Nigerian forum: MoboFree news - How to Get Better Price for Your Old Item on MOBOfree Marketplace
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21 Jul 2015 00:10

Almost every Nigerian have heard about MOBOfree People go there to sell their old stuff at the best price. On MOBOfree you can sell anything - from used car, mobile phone to computer or old books.

MOBOfree could be called Nigerian version of Craigslist, but in Nigeria it is actually much more popular than the Craigslist is. Currently there are 2 million monthly active Nigerians on MOBOfree and they all can become your potential buyers. What is even more important - placing your advert on MOBOfree and using all services provided by MOBOfree - is absolutely free!

Registration is not necessary to post an ad on MOBOfree. Though it's highly recommended to register. It will take only 2 minutes, but registered users have many advantages.

Click "POST NEW AD" button on MOBOfree and you will see classified form.

And here you must stop and read following tips carefully. As we are going to share some tips and tricks how to sell faster and get a better price for your second-hand item.

1. Creating ads is an art. And you must take time creating ads. Make you have dedicated enough time to write attractive title and very detailed description. Be honest about your product - do not lie. Client will inspect the item before paying cash and he will be able to refuse deal anytime.
2. Images and photos of your product are very important. Make more than one picture in the day light, try to ensure as good quality as possible. Classifieds with photos are selling up to 10 times better!
While taking a photo with your camera keep lights, background, angle in mind.
3. Before putting a price of a product check out the market value of it and then set a base selling price on MOBOfree. If you want to sell above market value - provide advantage of your product. Maybe it looks like new? Maybe you will add some free stuff?
4. Never neglect the power of social media. Just creating an ad is not enough; you need to get people to know about it. Hence spread a word about it. Ask you friends to share your advert on Facebook and Twitter, share it on Nairaland and Eskimi yourself.

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21 Jul 2015 00:55
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