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20 Jul 2015 19:46

At what age did you have your first kiss??

20 Jul 2015 19:47

Mine was at d age of 15

Edited by EMEzybaby / 20 Jul 2015 20:17
21 Jul 2015 12:01

My first kiss took place in jss2 at d age of 11.I was cute and every girl love geting close to me but i was a shy and fearfull type,never have interest on girls except guys equally my early morning i was on my way to school and a girl of my type also headind to school.she grabed me unexpected and kissed me in d middle of d road and i cried and wept but it happened and there was nothin i could do

21 Jul 2015 13:16

i had my first kiss at the age of 12 years by my classmate,she was my best friend then,she told me did i knw how to kiss and i reply yes n she nw told me to practise it with her... lolz

21 Jul 2015 13:19

i had my first kiss in age 13 with my neighbourhood

22 Jul 2015 18:58

I had my first kiss in a library....

22 Jul 2015 23:50

I av my 1st kiss @ 16 age i was in ss2 wit my 1st lovely gal

2 Aug 2015 23:39