Nigerian forum: Business - how does websites designers make their money?
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19 Jul 2015 17:21

I want to know how websites designers make money, do they end enough money,and how much is website cost?

20 Jul 2015 17:45

ask Google boy

20 Jul 2015 19:25

like me I am already earning money from my website.
thousands of people are already visiting the website.
I can create a website for you, my contacts are in the website.

20 Jul 2015 22:39

Hi, hw do we go abt dat? I want u 2 hlp me out n expanciate more on dat.

21 Jul 2015 00:08

vist me for more

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21 Jul 2015 01:10

i also dnt know how dey make their cool cash

21 Jul 2015 03:56

Visit for hw to make i big

21 Jul 2015 08:28

i want to no how to get it.

28 Jul 2015 17:02

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5 Oct 2015 20:45

This is an example. Yes (Click to view)