Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - CAN YOU TRUST YOUR WIFE/HUSBAND 100%?
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18 Jul 2015 17:40

I can never trust any is said that there are many thieves who get away with their activities but the one who is caught stealing will be labelled a thief by every one.with the worship of money in our society today l can't trust any one.some times THE MOST GUILTY WIFE/HUSBAND in outside will looks the most innocent and gentle at home.l have seen many gentle husbands and wives whom their marriages broke up after about twelve to twenty years of marriage because it was just discovered that either the innocent looking wife or husband had one or two grown up kids some where secretly. To conclude this: REMEMBER THAT THE HUMAN'S MIND IS THE DEEPEST PIT ON EARTH.

20 Jul 2015 13:20

it is writing that people who put there trust in God shall never fail. full family can fail.

20 Jul 2015 13:31
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20 Jul 2015 14:03

If she is worth d trust I will giv her 100%. But it taks colective effort bcos some ppl don't know how to make ppl trust them. As a husband it is ur duty to help ur wife understand u and be more transparent in her activities.

20 Jul 2015 14:03

hmmm! Am trustworthy

20 Jul 2015 14:04


20 Jul 2015 15:19

Every trusty na (mugun) so as 4 me I can trust any1 in life even if I will trust my wife nt 100%

20 Jul 2015 15:21

the secret to a successful marriage is trusth,love,forgiveness nd tolerance

20 Jul 2015 15:23

I dnt trust ani fukn perxin expt ma mumcy nd alah

20 Jul 2015 15:30

am learning sumtin here hmmmn

20 Jul 2015 15:32


20 Jul 2015 15:51

Hw ona de

20 Jul 2015 16:12

I can only believe her but nt to trust her cos only GOD that i av 2 trust.

20 Jul 2015 16:16

Dnt trust her 2much but trust ur self

20 Jul 2015 17:45

add me oooo

20 Jul 2015 17:56


20 Jul 2015 19:21

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20 Jul 2015 20:29

For me o! trust no body !

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20 Jul 2015 20:45

wu can I trust wen I can't full y trust myself totally.

20 Jul 2015 21:20

It depends on where u meet and hw is she mingle or relate wit itz hard to trust someone especially ladies,most of them ar nt ready to satisfy wit their patners bt i thk they knew each oda beta b4 running into that relationshp